There is no denying that cruising is an extremely safe travel activity. Also, most cruises pass without any major incident. Just as people take land based vacations seriously and take safety measures while travelling, you must follow certain rules so that you can stay safe on a cruise ship.

Cruising is not a solo activity. Yes, you do get to spend time alone but it is valuable to remember that you are sharing your ship with scores of other people. You must also remember that all it takes is a single incident or a person to spoil the entire trip for everyone onboard.

And therefore, it is important to keep certain common but important things in mind so that there is no mess at any point of your time onboard.

The first important consideration is alcohol. In order to make sure that you don’t create scene in front of your fellow passengers, it’s important to go easy on the booze. They won’t charge you for any extra alcohol you might consume on board but that shouldn’t be done. Staying within your own limits is the key to safety. Also, pay attention to who you are drinking with. It’s best not to accept any drink from strangers.

Tips That Will Help You Have A Safe Cruising Experience

The second thing that you must do early on is finding a companion. Generally, people travelling with partners are less likely to be targeted by miscreants. And that is because they know one will look out for the other. And therefore befriending someone who you think would be great to travel with is really important when you are travelling solo. Also, make it a point to not offer any hint that you are travelling alone.  Roaming around by yourself, especially in dark corners and at night isn’t a safe thing to do.

Also, try to maintain a decent level of in-cabin safety. If you discover that there is a problem with the door, call room service without any delay. Talk to them about the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. Never utter your cabin number loudly and avoid sharing it with strangers.

There are also certain rules that might help you maintain a level of balcony safety. Although it might seem tempting to keep the door open so that you can hear the sound of the vassal hitting against the water from within the confines of your room, it’s best to keep the door shut, especially at night. Remember to keep it closed when the ship is in the port because that’s when contractors who clean windows etc. can gain access to your room.

There is a safe provided to each and every passenger. You can use it. In fact, it is recommended that you make use of it. Althoughthe best practice is to leave your valuables back home, you can put it inside the safe if you are carrying it due to some reason.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind and have an amazing cruise this vacation. For an excellent cruising experience, book a dhow cruise Dubai. You will thank yourself for it, forever.