Decorating the master bedroom design is definitely the most difficult part of moving to a new apartment or a house. The reason why people find decorating a grey and purple master bedroom to be a difficult thing is the fact that it is a personal space and you spend most amount of your time in your own bedroom. If you live with your partner, decorating your bedroom might be an even more difficult thing especially if both the people have a different approach to the décor. Both the partners might want to choose a different theme leasing to an argument. On the other hand, if you live alone in your bedroom, coming up with a final décor decision might not be as difficult for you as it would have been the other way round. Still if you have moved to a new apartment or house, do not show any imperativeness into decorating your bedroom. Just take some time, think about all the possible situations and then make the final decision. However, make sure to keep the final points in your mind while decorating your grey bedroom design.

Tips That Will Help You Decorating Your Bedroom
1) Locating the Bedroom:

Your bed in your room has the prime importance. You need to make sure that you choose the right direction for it and do not mess up the entire shape of the room. You might not consider this important but a bad location of your bed in your room might lead to making it look messy. If you have a large room, you have got pretty much space to experiment. However, if you have not that much space, you need to be careful. Always try to settle it up next to a wall. Additionally, make sure that you choose the bed in accordance with the colors of the walls. If you have black colored walls, ensure to buy a grey or silver bed.

2) Color Coordination with Black:

Tips That Will Help You Decorating Your Bedroom
Coordinating your furniture and other decorative ideas with the main color of your bedroom i.e. black is important. Now, that doesn’t mean that if the color of the walls in your bedroom is black, you will end up buying black furniture items for that. If you do that, your room will end up looking like a haunted place and you will find it difficult to spend a comfortable time in it. Always contrast the color of the walls with the color of the furniture items.

3) The Closet Scheme:

Tips That Will Help You Decorating Your Bedroom
Having a huge closet in your room is important! This is especially important if you are a girl and want everything to stay in your reach. Choosing the right kind of closet is also important as it makes an impression on the visitors. If you have a built-in closet in your apartment, there can be nothing better than that. However, still you need to make sure that you change its color when you change the color of the entire bedroom. Coordinate the color of the closet with the walls of your room.