Anyone that doesn’t fit into very specific measurements when it comes to clothing, will be used to having to shop around to get a good fit. With this in mind, it might seem like online shopping would be a big no-no because you can’t try anything on. However, this isn’t the case – just because you’re plus size does not mean you can’t get as much out of online shopping as everyone else. Some of the most popular brands online offer plus size clothing with some even starting specific departments dedicated to it. Smaller boutique stores are also (finally) starting to recognise that the average UK size is not a 10 and is on average a 16 and above, so it really has never been easier to get gorgeous clothes that fit you well and look great whilst shopping online.

Buying Plus Size Clothes Online: Easy Tips

Here are some easy tips to help you buy the best plus size clothing online:

Be Deeply Knowledgeable About Your Shape

It is so important you understand your shape intimately. It is no use knowing you are a medium, or a large, or an 18 or a 24 – this isn’t specific enough for online shopping where you cannot try the clothes on. It may be that the store have an online buying guide which is really useful, otherwise you will want to spend some time gaining a deep understanding of your shape. Measure yourself – arm circumference, waist, hips, bust, leg length – take all the measurements you can. The measurements of the garment will be accessible somewhere on the site you are shopping with, if they aren’t, write in because they really should be listed somewhere! A size 18 in one shop will be a size 24 in another so get your own measurements certain so you can see which size you need.

Know What Works For You And What Doesn’t

It is worth putting in a sweaty trying on session around physical shops to get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Not many people look good in every style of clothing, but it is perfectly possible for all of us to rock certain styles that suit us well. Perhaps bootcut jeans make your legs look super long, but roll neck sweaters make you look about 40 stone heavier than you are. Maybe gilets age you, but long waistcoats make you look refined. Spend time figuring out what works for you and embrace those styles when shopping online.

We Are Living In A Material World

Even if certain jumper cuts suit you, if they are made from an unflattering material they won’t do your figure justice. As a general rule clingy materials are likely to be less flattering than looser, heavier materials.

Patterned Princess

Be very careful when picking out patterned pieces. Try to avoid looking at the thumbnail picture only and really zoom in on the pattern to get a good idea of how it sits on the body. Some patterns will make any person look way bigger, other patterns are designed to be flattering. As a curvy girl you can rock patterned pieces, just be sure to choose the right patterns to avoid a loud outfit that screams all the wrong things.

Underwear Is Where It’s At

Let’s pay a little homage to Gok Wan, the king of women’s fashion and remember that a great outfit starts with the underwear. We’ve all seen the way a fitted bra and shapewear can change a woman’s figure, so now is the time to remember that it works for everyone. A beautiful outfit starts right underneath. There are two options for your underwear which are:

Sexy – some women feel fantastic in their clothes knowing they have a sexy set of underwear underneath. Avoid frilly bits or lacy bits that can be seen through the clothes, and enjoy strutting your stuff knowing you’ve got your secret sexy on underneath!

Practical: even if you do like to rock your sexy underwear under your clothes, it is still worth investing in a properly fitted bra and shapewear pants to pull you in and push you out where it counts. Many shops do free bra fitting services and a properly fitted bra could change your life.