In this day and age when the world product management is heaving with innovation and opportunities for professional growth, a lot of people are eager to be part of this exciting arena. Fortunately, the role of product manager does not require one to have a technical background. You can be from marketing, sales, or support and you can still become successful in this field. If you are thinking of shifting careers, here are some tips on how you can land your first job as a product manager:

Create Something

This is the first and foremost qualifier for people who are aspiring to become successful product managers. The role involves creation and launch of new products, so everyone who is applying to become a product manager needs to show on their resume that they have at built at least one web or mobile application. This could be extra challenging if you do not have a background in design or web development, but with Google and internet connection, anything is possible!

Collaborate with Makers

One skill that is required of product managers is their ability to collaborate with developers and designers. Reach out to these people within your company and establish good connections with these makers. It is important that you learn how to effectively communicate with them, so learn their language and observe their values and culture. Spending time with these makers will help you develop your problem solving skills and also to understand the process better.

Tips On How To Get Hired As Product Manager

Focus on Internal Growth

Before trying out opportunities in other companies, focus on developing your current role and attempt to grow within your present employer. While recruiting from the outside is a normal way for companies to fill a position, they would usually look within their internal candidates first. If you work hard and work smart, chances are you will have your chance at grabbing the next product manager role. So focus on driving results, strengthening connections, and improving your professional reputation.

Sign Up for an APM Program

There are companies which offer an Associate Product Manager program for employees who demonstrate key attributes of a product manager and wish to develop their skills in software development. This program will give you the experience you need to start your career in product management. Similar to product management training in New York, this apprenticeship provides a deeper dive into the product realm. You will get to work side by side with a PM and see how the workload and issues are managed. Volunteer to participate in as many activities as possible. Offer to assist the PM in preparing competitive analysis, business case, or requirements gathering. Doing these are helpful in developing your discipline and skills which are needed for the role.

These are the basic tips to help you prepare yourself for a very exciting and challenging career in product management. By developing your skills and gaining relevant experiences for this role, you will be finding yourself getting that job you have been hoping to get sooner than you think. So, start applying these tips and enjoy your journey towards your dream job!

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