When you need to get an oversized, heavy or over-dimensional load of freight from one place to another, you soon realize that you’ll need to find specialized equipment and specially trained operators to get the job done right. You want everything that needs to be moved to get there intact, safely, on time and within your budget.

You also quickly realize that you’ll need to find operators to pick up and deliver your load who are experienced and trained in all the nuances of moving odd sized, heavy weight and oversized loads. They should also be skilled in finding the safest routes to get the load to its final destination.

A Range Of Specialized Equipment

To move odd sized, heavy, bulky, over-dimensional loads, specialized hauler equipment is your best bet. Equipment used can include:

Double drops – Multi-level trailers for specialized hauling needs

Flatbed trucks – Trucks with no roofs or sides made to carry loads that are normally tied down or securely fastened

Stepdeck trucking – To ship loads that extend higher or wider than a normal flatbed truck load or are oddly shaped or oversized, like loads for aerospace, oil field or construction uses

Multi-axle vehicles – Featuring more than two axles to help with stability

Blade trailers – For hauling specialty loads like windmill blades

Schnabels – Uniquely styled railroad cars made to haul oversized loads and equipment

Distance To Be Hauled And Safety Records Are Factors In Your Decision

When you’re searching for a company to haul your oversized, heavy or oddly shaped loads, you’ll want to consider the distance your load needs to go. Whether it’s simply being hauled across town or to another state, you’ll want to search for a reputable business that can handle your load, no matter how far it’s going. You’ll have to find a company with exactly the type of equipment needed to get the job done right.

You’ll also want to look into the safety record of the hauling company. Check to be sure drivers are continually being trained and that they’ve successfully completed safety programs. It’s smart to research safety statistics for the company and for its drivers, and look into how much emphasis the company puts into safety practices. Your ultimate goal is to get your load where it needs to be, on time, within budget (even if that means you have to factor freight bills) and safely.