Technology has been one thing that keeps progressing progressively with time and resources. It has become the most thing that interests people. One wakes up in the morning and the first they do is to search the internet for almost anything. The internet has made it very easy for people to improve their content and upgrade their technology from time to time. It has become the survival of the fittest.

If you do not improve, you might be shoved out of the race. The competition has become very stiff as people has become very creative in imputing things that will interest and draw people to their blogs.

These blogs are always improved with the best application, website designs, games, hot news that will always listen people to the site.

So while thinking outside the box, I have prepared a list of 5 remarkable blogs about technology that will definitely interest you.


TechCrunch founded by Michael Arrington is one of the best blogs about technology. It deals on the innovative applications and web designs that most internet freaks have a question on.

TechCrunch covers the questions of high technological applications, hot news that other high tech companies are up to. It sources for news relating to technology and brings it close to you. TechCrunch also gives reviews new technology products.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is another good technology whose unbiased review about technology is equal to none. Its unbiased review about technology gives one a better understanding of technology. MIT, being a highly specialized Institute, deals on information that not only cuts across all industries but also changes the world of technology. Most of the discoveries or ideas are incubated and nurtured there.


Mashable created by Pete Cashmore is one of the best competitors of TechCrunch. It is another innovative technology that gives latest news of world technology and also talks about world technology changers and influencers.


TechSpot is another high profile technology blog which tech enthusiast and power techs use. This blog has technology which can change the society culture. It is a must for high technology enthusiast.


YouTube has grown to be one of the most greatly visited sites. Essence of YouTube includes:

·Vlogs: videos are what is generally posted on YouTube which is used to educate and
entertain people.

·It can be used to create an advert for a company or business.

· Creating social media presence which can increase people or business popularity.

In essence, YouTube is for creating business or tutorial videos or clips which can draw people’s attention to the content and helps one make sale. It is one of the exciting and remarkable blog about technology.

In conclusion, as the day goes by, the internet is flooded with loads of applications which always tend to beat the other out of the competition. Tech enthusiast and power techs are very much creative, looking for ways to excite people and make known their presence. So thinking outside the box, you will always find the new technology in these 5 remarkable blogs about technology mentioned above.

Author of this article is Patrick Roth. He has been a technology writer for the last 3 years for the Automatenherz. Patrick is also a dreamer, athletic-attempter who loves simple things and complicated words.