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Travellers who stay here often check out the day tours from the city to some of the more tourist-oriented locations. Here are some of the finest ones –

1. Stonehenge tours

Stonehenge tours

Stonehenge is a few hours drive from the main city of London and has been one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring places in the region. With a history spanning more than 4500 years now, Stonehenge has been a place of magical powers, rich ancient history and cultural intrigue.

The origins of Stonehenge are as mysterious as that of the Great Pyramids, and there are many theories surrounding its purpose. While some say that its purely for aesthetical reasons, other believe that it has healing properties that go above and beyond this realm. Even if you love history and want to see something unique and interesting, Stonehenge is a beautiful tour that you must take if you’re in the area.

2. Windsor CastleWindsor Castle

Windsor castle is one of the most pristine locations in all of Europe. So much so that is become the Queen’s favourite place to stay when she’s in the area. Its rich history and magnality goes back to the year 1070, when William the conqueror first built the castle.

The lavishly decorated counters, the interiors dressed to perfection and the courtyard is elegance at its finest. It doesn’t get any better than Windsor Castle, as its become one of the finest places to have a great time in Europe. The day tours cover extensive ground and you can even take an adventure down the many roads and alleyways of Windsor city. Its covered with rich historical monuments and sightseeing tours everywhere.

3. The Bath Tour The Bath Tour

The city of Bath was the first one in England to be called a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its 15th-century Bath Abbey. This was luxury at its finest in England. With beautiful Georgian architecture and the iconic Pulteney Bridge, this place has been the shooting spot for many Oscar-winning films.

The Roman baths here are a great time capsule to a generation when there was opulence, beauty and a keen eye for aesthetics. If the generations before us have anything to offer, it’s the penchant for the beautiful things in life. The gorgeous city of Bath is an homage to the cultural diversity infused with heritage and opulence.