There is not much difference between your first day of school and the first day of office. Of course, you’re not carrying your shiny pencil with you but you’re definitely carrying your sling bags for men. The amount of tension is same. The nervousness of meeting your colleagues, the excitement of what is to come, basically, your first day of work can be an overwhelming experience of sorts.. To ease your first day of the job you’ll need a few things. Make sure you buy them beforehand.

Things You’d Need For The First Day At Office

These things are


Your notepad and pen will be your most prized possessions. You will be in inundated with tons of information regarding security codes, passwords, the names of your colleagues, people you who have to report to, the clients that you will have to work with, the departments that you would work with et cetera. Your pen in notepad would help you keep a record of all the valuable information and also make you appear dedicated and professional

Mouth freshener

It’s not like people are judgemental on the first day of your job but they certainly notice the minute details of your behaviour and appearance. So, make sure you carry your mouth freshener with you because you don’t want your first impression to be ruined. After all, who likes to be called the smelly new chick.

ID and paperwork

You will need to carry your identity proofs like your voter ID card, Aadhar card, driving license, passport etc. You will also be required to fill a couple of forms for your PF etc., so make sure you carry your pan card and bank account details with you.

Things You’d Need For The First Day At Office

Dress properly

If a formal dress code hasn’t been defined then it is advised that you consult with your boss before you decide to underdress. If you can’t get in touch with him/her, make you wear semi-formals for your first day. Additionally, all women must carry wallets for women with them. It’s necessary.