If you have a lot of wasps living in your yard you are probably concerned about your little children playing outside for fear that they may come into contact with an angry wasp. We feel your concerns and agree that wasps living in your yard is not convenient. You kiddos should be able to play in their backyard without being freaked out that a wasp is going to sting them. We have some tips that you can use to make your yard wasp free this summer.

Be Creative

Fake wasps nests are a new thing that many families swear by. The very realistic wasp hive is a trap for wasps. They fly into the hive thinking it is their home. Inside they are trapped and die. This is a great way to capture any wasps that you have in your yard. However, while it is great for the lingering few wasps, if you have a large number of wasps in your yard, it is probably not going to be overly successful.

Many people swear by spraying essential oils and other chemicals near their children’s play sets. This is a great way to deter wasps from building nests near your children’s toys, but it is likely not going to get rid of any wasps that have already decided to build a nest there.

Clean Your Yard

Wasps love the smell of your stinky garbage cans. Many families store their empty trash bins in their yards where they are out of sight of the front of the home. The smelly garbage can is attracting wasps to your yard. The first thing you can do is be sure that your garbage can is clean and that there is not a strong smell coming from the bin. Cleaning the empty can with soap and water is a great way to keep your can smelling fresh and deterring wasps from hanging out near it.

Contact a Pest Control Company

You can almost always handle one wasps nest on your home. You can buy wasp spray at the grocery store and treat the nest and usually handle the problem. However, if you have many wasps nests in your yard you are going to have a hard time keeping the wasps under control. While you think you may have a handle on the wasps, you likely no not. For every nest you have found, there are probably at least one or two others that you are unaware of. Once the problem has started, you need a professional to come and help you. This Marlboro pest control company is really great at removing all of the nests from your yard and making sure that the wasps that have taken over your space are gone once and for all. They can also provide you with different sprays that are going to be much more successful than what you can purchase at your local supermarket. Sometimes hiring a pest control company to come in and get rid of the hundreds of wasps is the best choice.