Any man or woman who cares about his or her appearance cannot settle for anything other than the best. Hope you understand the pain that comes with a batched waxing experience. You need to put into consideration a few things before you allow any person to start working on your pelvic area. A Brazilian wax removes all the hair in the pelvic area while a bikini wax concentrates on the ones that extend beyond a typical bikini bathing suit. A standard Brazilian waxing can be a bit scaring and it’s important to understand the various forms of waxes that you can use in this treatment.

  • Waxing Products are Not Similar

Have you ever gone to a drug store to buy a ‘waxing kit?’ Some of them may promise you excellent results but fail to deliver. Such occurrences explain why it is critical to work with a professional. Most skin care clinics and med Spas that do waxing in Coulder Co use two kinds of waxes. These include a strip wax and a hard wax.

Large body areas such as arms and legs make use of strip waxing. This wax is sticky, and the wax professional will apply it and then apply a fabric strip that will stick on it. On the other hand, aestheticians use hard wax on the most delicate parts of the body such as the inner and upper thigh, around the eyelids among other areas that are sensitive.  First, you melt the hard wax in a heating unit and then use a wooden applicator to make the application. After drying, can pull the edge of the wax and quickly strip it away together with the underneath hair.

Make sure you understand the type of wax the professional is going to use for the treatment before you go for a Brazilian waxing.  To achieve the best results that come with the least pain, use strip wax on the traditional bikini region and hard wax on sensitive places. If you are highly sensitive, you can use hard wax for the whole treatment as long as you inform the waxing professional in advance. Asking a few questions before you go for the procedure is essential because it will calm your nerves and assist you to receive a comfortable Brazilian wax.

  • What to Remember

You need to remember that removing hair from the bikini area can be very painful because it is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Don’t hesitate to tell the waxing professional if you want some soothing on your skin. Don’t allow the wax to be extremely hot as it can burn your skin. Fragrance based or chemical lotions are not the best because they can irritate your skin. People who are suffering from the urinary tract infection, heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure need to avoid this kind of treatment.

A successful wax removal process can guarantee you a hairless pubic area for 10 to 15 days. Your hair will grow weaker and thinner, and the successive sessions will be less painful. The waxed area also reports a slower rate of hair growth.