The bucket list comes from the English idiom to kick the bucket. It pretty much means a list of things you should do before you die. Everyone has their own life story and what they want to accomplish. Experiences are always a hot favourite for bucket lists but learning new skills should definitely make an appearance.

These are just some things that everybody should at least try to learn in their lifetime.

Learn how to dance

Belly dancing, pole dancing or even freestyle, everyone should learn how to dance before they go. Dancing is a skill that can last with you for a lifetime and is something that you can show off in public. Dance lessons in Sydney are a great way to exercise, meet people and most importantly have fun!

Do you have a party or event coming up and want to be the centre of attention? Or maybe you’re the wallflower of the group and don’t normally like the spotlight. If you learn how to dance beforehand you can be the talk of the town for many more events to come.

Dancing can also help increase your confidence and is a great way to exercise. It corrects your posture, increases coordination and offers a lot of other health benefits. Learn how to love the spotlight with dancing and make new friends with it along the way.

Learn a new language and use it

Everyone had to learn a language in school but hardly any people stuck with it afterwards. Learning a language fluently can take a while but there are many ways to make it easy. You can learn it online or travel to another country for work and learn it from the locals.

When you speak the native language of a country you gain a different perspective of the culture compared to if you don’t. Travelling becomes a whole new experience that suddenly can open up a lot of new doors for your life.

Gain a leading skill on your resume that can get you to travel overseas for work. Or maybe you are trying to reconnect with a distant heritage you have and you just want to be able to talk to some distant cousins. No matter the case a new language is something that everyone should have the privilege of learning.

Learn an instrument

If you haven’t already, learning an instrument is an amazing skill to have.  Unlike that one guy with an acoustic guitar at every party you don’t have to be the centre of attention with it. You can learn it in your free time as use it to relax and kill time. Studies have been done that link playing an instrument regularly in lowering cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure.

Learning an instrument boosts your memory and also enhances your coordination. Sticking with it over time can lead to learning other instruments once you can read sheet music.

Learn how to build your own website

Everything is online now and creating a website is similar to creating a fine piece of art. There are many different ways in learning these skills with online classes being available as well as self-teaching yourself through tutorial videos.

Creating your own website can be great for business adventures where if you are a blogger and want something bigger, you can make your own. The skill set that comes with creating a website can also be marketable and you are able to freelance and make websites for others for a fee.

Overall if you don’t want the skills to be marketable, it’s cool to see something that you create online that you can show off to others.