Case studies are a great way to communicate your value. You may have heard the saying that goes something like this: “Facts tell but stories sell.” This is the beauty of case studies. It showcases your expertise while telling a story. The story offers proof that your solution works.

There is a very simple yet effective way to write a case study. Here is the approach:

1. State the problem

In this part of the case study, you lay out the specific problem or issue your client was facing. In other words, what was annoying them. You need to find an interesting topic. What issue were they enduring and ready to change? Paint a picture of what things were like before they started working with you. Include the kinds of results a person or company was experiencing before they worked with you. Look for how you can quantify this problem. Is it in dollars, stress, relationships or other consequences?

How To Write A Compelling Case Study

2. State your solution

Explain what you did with your client to alleviate the problem. Again, paint a picture by telling a story about how you started to address the issue at hand.

3. State the results your client experienced

This is your client’s “moment of zen!” This is the part of the story that shows your client having exactly what she or he wanted. Tell the reader what your client’s life was like after going through your program or applying your solution. Highlight features that are aligned with your brand message if possible. For example, if you want to be known as “the fastest matchmaker in town,” feature the timeframe in which your client started dating her dream guy.

Case studies are great ways to present the results you’ve helped others to create. Having case studies helps your prospects to put themselves in your clients’ shoes and to see that if you were able to help this person who was featured, you can probably also help them!

Happy case-study writing!