Are you fed up of asking somebody how to lose weight to look good, are you thinking of getting slim is a major task for you to be. Of course it a major task unless you take care eating a proper diet daily. Many people know what they eating and its harmful but looks tasty while eating, but it make you problem like having obesity, ulcer and many more problem as like your age goes up..

Here you know? How you are suffering

People who are filled with full of fat in their body is only when your food in stomach is not digested properly.

Why digestion won’t take properly in your stomach? The reason is simple, eating a lot of heavy food but not having proper work or exercise suitable for your diet. Everyone have dream of looking good personality, but whenever you want something you have to lose something in a risky way that’s for sure.

If you want to lose weight seriously you no need to do some extra exercise or particularly hard work. But you need to show up yourself in this that you won’t give up in you physic and just try.

All the way People want to have a proper diet every day, but they postpone their good healthy diet and suffer from eating heavy food, everybody says to avoid eating meat, some of your favourite dishes which you can’t lose so fast.

Never be dumb of  yourself that you can’t make it, its completely failure thinking before a small try

Here you find a simple way of loosing calories from this day.

First main thing you need to change the plate size, you always eat lot food if the plate is big so change the plate size, make it small. This will make you to consume less food comparing before you ate.

Never eat lot food at the night time. Because you will go to bed directly that food won’t get digested and it will convert into fat soon.

Best way is always have a 2 banana in lunch meals, and dinner. Banana contains of lot fiber in it which digest your food properly and good motion in your body.

Never ignore you breakfast daily it also an essential diet, but you breakfast diet should never contain heavy diet which you take at the lunch time and the dinner time, have breakfast in the morning time is ever good diet and must. If you avoid breakfast you may suffer from ulcer and also gas related problems.

You can eat your favorite diet as you like but you should not eat the rest two times, for example if you eat much food at lunch do not eat at dinner and morning breakfast or vice versa.

Mostly prefer to eat fiber foods which contain of fewer carbohydrates that means good diet, because,fiber foods has less quantity of fat, which contain of more energy. One more main thing never give up in your proper diet. To get complete physical energy.