If you are looking for an environmentally friendly car that has power and practicality, the Volvo V60 hybrid fits the bill. However, you will need to have a large bank account to make the purchase. The V60 is safe and powerful as well as being economical.

The new hybrid from Vauxhall is very impressive. It has a traditional diesel engine combined with an electric motor and the company has created a car that will achieve 148.7 mpg with low emissions of 49g/km. The model is powerful and does not handle as well as rivals from BMW or Audi. In addition, it is incredibly expensive.

Even allowing for the government grant for electric vehicles it will still set you back £40,000. When viewed from the outside, the model looks like a standard estate with aerodynamic wheel trims. The V60 is heavy which compromises the steering and you can feel a lot of bumps. The transmission is slow and this car is best for motorway cruising where you will get the most miles per gallon. There is a power button which makes it give 0 -62 mph in 6.1 seconds which is an impressive speed.

The Volvo V60: Review

As far as comfort is concerned the V60 is not ideal for nipping around towns. Any speed bumps or pot holes are felt immediately due to the added weight of the battery and four wheel drive mode. Inside the car is spacious and it has climate control as standard and comfortable seats.

Because the technology is new, it will take time to assess how durable the engine and motor will be. The inside of the V60 is on a par with Audi and BMW and safety features include six air bags and electronic stability control. The car also has a braking system that helps to prevent low speed impacts. Optional extras include lane change alerts, blind spot assistance and collision warning. The range of equipment means that the V60 was the first electric hybrid to be awarded five stars from Euro NCAP.

Charging the batteries on the V60 is simple. This can be done using a normal socket at home so as long as you have a long enough cable it presents no problem. The batteries do seriously reduce boot space and even when the rear seats are dropped it has less than a VW Golf. There are other storage options with door bins and rear seat storage.

Volvo has set up the V60 with an impressive array of equipment including heated seats and a 5 inch colour GPS display. However, value for money is the biggest problem. If you can afford the hefty price tag than the V60 is extremely economical to run and is good for the environment. So, if you want to reduce your carbon foot print this could be the car for you.

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