Modern engineering, architecture, and technology have allowed us to create marvels in terms of construction. The construction industry is currently estimated to be at trillions of dollars worldwide with private and public funding for residential, commercial as well as industrial construction. To meet with the demand, heavy-duty construction machinery is used. Engineers prefer the machinery which can be used for multiple purposes rather than for only one purpose. One such machinery is the Cherry Picker and there are many companies which allow Cherry Picker Hire.

A cherry picker is an Elevated Work Platform (EWP). It is a hydraulic crane which has railings around the platform and is used for raising or lowering people. It is also known as man lift, hydra ladders, boom lift, and basket crane. It is mostly used in the construction and remodeling of buildings, working in warehouses, installing, maintaining, and repairing warehouse racking, heating units, lights as well as other system components which are at an elevated height.

Uses of Cherry Pickers EWP

Other than these, Cherry Picker Hire is also useful for several activities for easily reaching elevated heights. Some of its uses are:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Picking Fruits
  • Installing and Maintaining Signage
  • Working on Telephone and Electricity Poles
  • Filming and Photography
  • Fire Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Cutting Trees
  • Installing and Cleaning Windows
  • Installing and Cleaning Chimneys
  • Roofing
  • Installing and Maintaining Plumbing
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Maintenance of Bridge
  • Working on Antennae, and many more

Cherry Pickers EWP Can be Mounted on Various Platforms

Cherry pickers are available in several types such as trailer-mounted and boom-mounted lifts, telescopic and articulated booms. Cherry pickers provide flexibility as it can be mounted on panel vans or flat-beds as well as on the back of large vehicles such as trucks. There are also few types of cherry pickers which can be easily mounted on stand-alone trailers and self-moving platforms.

Cherry Picker EWP of Different Types and Abilities

Driving and using these cherry pickers need trained and licensed personnel. Cherry pickers can be controlled from the buckets as well as from the platform on the ground. There are other models of cherry pickers which do not have this duplicate set of controls, and therefore, can be controlled either from the bucket or from the platform depending on the model. Similarly, some cherry pickers have telescoping ability while others use articulating boom sections. Both of these types of cherry pickers help to transport the workers in a very safe manner and hold them stable while they work.

Cherry Picker EWP Increases Productivity

Cherry Picker hire help by lifting the workers to the height which is required. It eliminates the need for additional stairs, ladders or building platforms. This reduces the time which is taken to get started on work and thus increases productivity in a cost-effective manner. This helps to significantly bring down the cost of the project which is borne by the customer. It can also be used in moving goods up and down the building without any hassle or additional cost in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.

In Conclusion

Due to all these benefits, Cherry Picker Hire is gaining popularity for construction as well as other purposes. Reliable companies such as Quick Lift allow you to hire cherry pickers based on the requirements of the project. You can hire these cherry pickers for daily, weekly as well as project-based duration. Quick Lift provides their services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast as well as the Gold Coast area. All their cherry pickers are well maintained and meet the occupational safety standards. They also provide a licensed operator and a set of safety harnesses, witches hats, safety signs, and tool buckets to help you in your project.