The traditional till is not quite yet a thing of the past, as some shops still sport these ancient devices with devotion and dedication. However, for the most part, shops have progressed to more advanced systems especially as they expand inventory, staff, and general operations. Enhanced security and improved tracking of sales are becoming essential. Inventory tracking that corresponds directly to transactions is now vital for VAT and more. What was once a ringing till with a lever has become a computing device without the lever. It is an essential item for business use.

Software Replaces the Paper Log

There was a time when the till was simple. A log was kept and receipts were stacked on a pin, to be culled and counted at the end of the day. Presently, customers come in with payment methods besides cash and credit cards. It would be prudent to have the ability to accommodate all payment services. Furthermore, tracking of till transactions must be accurate. All epos till systems by eposnow has every solution – from the terminal and software to the receipt printer – and also includes tracking of all sales. The paper logbook is no longer efficient and is now replaced by computer memory.

Now, for a business what you want is all things combined into one. Ideally, a small business, or even larger ones, would need modern touch screen terminals combined with the cash drawer, receipt printer, and software all in one bundle. Business solutions fitting this bill can be found at sites accommodating these needs. Whether starting a fresh business or upgrading from older business systems, expandable solutions are needed. Technology changes constantly. Your business must also grow with technological changes in order to create simple solutions for customers and growth opportunities for your bottom line.

Backing up Data

With the exception of the ancient ringing till, even computer tills are run from local servers. These are essentially computers in the building which house the business data from the day and days past. What if this server crashes? Records are lost and a whole mess is created. Epos till systems by eposnow offer cloud storage. As such, all data is backed up non-locally and is always available. There are no system crashes or loss of information. Through efficiently applied software, inventory and sales records are consistently kept intact.

The result of this sort of operating till system is all back office operations are accessible from any online device at any time. From the lounge at your own home and a simple tablet device, you can see precisely what is going on with the business in terms of financial exchange. This is an ultimate definition of business convenience, moving the till statistics to any internet location that is convenient to you.

Customer Relationship Management

Perhaps one of the most brilliant manifestations of advanced till technology is CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management.” This may sound like an oddity, yet it is more of a science. What it means is you are capable of compiling, straight from the till, customer information including sales history, requests, billing information, and even more data. The end result is an ability to have an active history of customer purchases and potential needs straight from the terminal at the touch of a finger. Imagine that. You pull up customer ID or card information and then, wham! What you get is instant history enabling you to offer more of what a client wants with one simple touch. Isn’t that brilliant? Step beyond the older basics into a realm of perfected customer relations through an advanced till system.