Life moves fast and there’s a lot to take in, with a limited time to do it in. We live in an age where news happens by the second and to miss even a single update is a potential scoop of tomorrow. Our feeds are as crowded as our cities and it is no longer a matter of luxury to have a phone that can keep up with all this, but a necessity.

At the same time, our culture is increasingly visual. With the power of what’s practically a DSLR in our pockets it has become easier than ever to take out our phone, click a pic, upload it to any of our numerous feeds and bask in internet adulation. Our friends, family even rarely met acquaintances are all sure to like, favourite or heart another slice of our life for no other reason than that you will do the same for them.

All this comes at a cost; the cost of time, of depth in our relationships and sometimes even meaning in our lives. Not to mention money. We spend all that we can afford on the perfect phone and then even more in getting to the perfect location, finding the perfect spot to stay at, before we can finally click the perfect profile pic.

In such a scenario, value becomes paramount. Getting the most while spending the least is the mantra and nothing exemplifies this more than the abundance of value phones, insmartphone categories. With a plethora of choices, each targeted at an increasingly thinner slice of the customer pie, it can become a confusing rainbow of choice within which one phone seamlessly blends into another.

It is into such a whirlpool that Mobiistar has chosen to float its E1 Selfie and  X1 Dual. Sleek, pocket-sized wonders, both of these phones are chock-full of features that are abundant in the category but in a category defining package that is unlike anything else they offer.

Though similar looking on first sight, on closer inspection the differences are as clear as night and day. Which by the way are also similar to the two colour options that both these phones are offered in. Both of them are exquisitely beautiful, easy on the eyes and with their sub-10,000 price, on the pocket as well.


They are physically easy on the pocket to, with the E1 Selfie’s 5.45 inch display fitting comfortably in your pocket, without any unsightly stretching or bulging. It’s the same story with the it’s a breeze to handle and carry.

The flagship feature of both phones is the camera, or cameras to be technically correct. Both boast of a dual camera setup, with the E1 sporting a 13 MP camera each as both its selfie or front camera as well as its primary or back camera. The selfie camera comes with an in-built 7 level auto-beauty feature, making it easier for you to capture that elusive perfect selfie.

The  X1 Dual on the other hand, lives up to its name, with the exception that the “dual” in the name refers not to its front and back cameras but rather the dual selfie camera, with a 13+8MP resolution. This seemingly overkill setup allows the taking of pics with what professional photographers refer to as the bokeh effect. In common parlance, we call it blurring the background.  Talk about the Wide angle selfie here.

When it comes to selfie phones in the under- 10K range, you really can’t go wrong with Mobiistar’s two superb offerings. Both the E1 Selfie and the  X1Dual sport cameras that are amazing at this price range and a must-have for any selfie-addict, which let’s face it, most of us are and unashamedly so too.