When it comes to corporate parties and retreats, Bangalore is a positive choice. The weather is great, the ambiance is relaxed and the culture here is work hard and play hard. The city has many options for hosting corporate parties, including premier hotels that offer unique experiences.

There is a great blend between the inner-city ambiance and the neighbouring destinations’ peace & quiet. Corporates can choose the type of experience they want to provide and have a grand time. There are also many retreats that are planned while blending the two options of in-city and outdoors.

Great Weather, Great Culture

The work culture at Bangalore is remarkable and it shows in every aspect of the service industry. Hosting a corporate party in India’s Silicon Valley ensures that it runs smoothly throughout the duration. Vendors, caterers and party arrangers work efficiently to ensure that the corporate party starts on time every time.

The weather is another positive aspect of the city. It’s never too hot or too cold to host an open-air corporate party. Employees often bond over these corporate events as the weather is superlative. Rarely does it rain unannounced, and the winter months are especially cool. That’s when employees can truly relax and network with one another on potential opportunities.

Top Hotels Providing Premier Experiences

For corporates that want all experiences tied into one place, they book a top hotel in Bangalore. These hotels provide a balance of fun and restoration while giving a team enough time to connect. Employees emerge reenergized and more productive as they bond over fun activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, one of the top hotels to stay in Bangalore, provides a customized package for corporates to throw gatherings and parties. From décor to catering, everything is designed to encourage relaxation and team building. Hotels have started to become one of the top places where corporates host their events and parties. From quality accommodations to unique experiences, hotels are the clear winner in many cases.

Outdoor Camping and Activities

Bangalore has a hot of outdoor camping activities. Many corporates fly their employees down to the city, after which they create new activities and fun events while camping outside. Coorg and Kanakapura, are two popular destinations for this very reason. From fishing to range climbing, there are many activities that employees enjoy indulging in.

There’s a lot of sight-seeing, natural getaways and bird-watching activities to do a few hours from the city. Many corporate HRs and managers prefer to fly down to Bangalore to give employees a blended experience in corporate parties. They first encourage friendly competitions and end the festivities with a party in Bangalore’s top hotels or resorts.