The demand for jobs has increased a hundred times over the past century. It has become more and more difficult to beat the competition and get settled in a considerable position. Unfortunately, many people are getting stripped of their ranks due to many odd factors in the company. Employment law firms in Toronto emphasize the fact that if a job is taken away from an individual due to the cause of harassment,  discrimination, favouritism, etc. then the employ is eligible to go against the company legally and save his job. Here are some of the reasons an individual can approach an employment lawyer.

The Need Of An Employment Lawyer For An Employ

  1. Human Resource Manager or Director of a company not only represents the company, but also is responsible for ensuring the rights of the employs are properly exercised at all levels. If the HR is not showing interest in coming to an agreement about rights, then an employment lawyer Toronto can be hired. The lawyer will try to convince the HR to protect the laws of the employ and if still there is no response, the matter can be taken to court.
  2. If an employ doesn’t want to take the conflict directly to court, he/she can try to discuss the issue with the union. Every company would have an employees union and there would be a State Commission for employs. The appeal can be made heard in the union or commission with or without the help of a lawyer. A mediator will be sent to deal with the problem and tries to bring peace. One has to remember that the mediator will not take sides and tries to create a balanced solution for the employ and the employer.
  3. If the employ decides to take matter to the Department of Justice, then it becomes very important to hire an experienced Toronto employment lawyer. Once the lawyer is involved there is no way the company can avoid the pleas of an employ and will take the matter seriously.

An individual is suggested to take the matter to the HR and the union before actually taking it to the Justice Department. In most cases, the union’s involvement sets the pace and helps the individual to claim hi worthiness to the company. If that is not the case, reaching out for Employment law firms in Toronto to find the right lawyer is the only option.

How can a Lawyer help?

The major advantage of having an employment lawyer is that the employ can solve the case either in the court or out of it. If the individual believes that it may take more time than expected, the lawyer can act as a mediator and try to resolve the problem between the parties. If the individual is expecting compensation or any other deal this is the best way. However, if the employ is trying to prove his merit and authenticity, seeking justice in the court is the best way. A Toronto employment lawyer can handle these situations and makes sure that justice is served.

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