Wondering how a dress beautifully adorns a 5’9 woman? Envy her perfect figure? A petite woman can look as attractive as any diva! All you need to do is figure out your body type and chose the clothes accordingly. Petite includes all body types, provided all petite women are short. Here are a few tips every petite woman must consider while shopping for womens clothing online:

  • Create illusions:

Creating illusions is an important part of choosing just the right clothes. Illusions can be created using color and design.

Color: Go for dark hues and wear single colored dresses. They will make you look taller and sophisticated. Color variation, especially horizontal, cuts height. Vertical variation will make you look thinner if you are already skinny and broader if you have a broad torso. Unfortunately, contrasts are not meant for you.

Design: Design includes stripes and patterns. Prefer thin vertical stripes over broad vertical ones. Also, try to avoid horizontal multicolor stripes; they will make you look shorter. Small checks also prove to be a good pick for you.

  • Neckline

Your neckline should be such that elongates your neck. Having a perfect neckline is a must for women with small faces and necks. V-neck or Chinese collar make up for a nice choice. Don’t go for boat necks or high collars, they will make you look shorter. Women’s clothing online has a variety of options available. Style yourself in the best possible way!

  • Perfect fit is ace in the whole

A perfect fit is the one which will make you stand apart. Too tightly fitted clothes will highlight your contours while a lose fit may make you lose broader or too thin depending upon your body time. What you wear should neither be too tight nor too loose. Ladies tops, easily available in the market offer a range of sizes. Opt for a little alteration if your exact size is unavailable.

  • Play with the length and flair

Length and flair of your clothing are major factors to be taken under consideration while planning your wardrobe.

Length: Something that comes to your hipline goes well for all petite women! Go for crop tops if you have longer legs. Wear a jacket over the crop top if you want to elongate your torso. If you prefer skirts, go for knee length skirts. Knee length skirts simply balance your height, making you look neither short, nor tall.

Flair: Flair is the key for people with wider lower body. Dresses and skirts with flair hide all extra fat and are super elegant. Team your skirt with a crop top if you wish to add length to your legs. Go for a normal or a slightly longish one if you want your torso to be highlighted.

  • Accessorize the right way

It is the accessories that complete the look. Follow the single color principle. You can change the hue and tone of the color but don’t go for a completely different shade. Also, your jewelry should be compact, elegant and attractive.


With these tips and tricks you can style as any other women. All you need to do is balance things out. Play with your wardrobe, don’t go for the standard! Try something that suits you and adds to your persona.