Jintropin HGH is produced in China by the GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Company. It is an imitation of the natural HGH that utilizes the 191 amino acids sequence. This enables it to inhibit almost the same form of HGH produced naturally in the human body. It is among the most potent HGH on today’s market.

The Most Potent HGH

Jintropin is legal in China though it has not yet been legalized for sales or imports in the US market. The deficiency of growth hormones in children and adults can be treated with supervised growth hormone administration which has already been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

In addition to influencing the bone growth in children and adults, human growth hormone also stimulate cellular growth thus promoting metabolism and body composition. Due to all these effects, this product has gained immense popularity among athletes and bodybuilders.

The effects of this brand of HGH like great stamina, long endurance, and a big muscle has made people risk purchasing it illegally.


This human growth hormone product can be used in the following conditions;

  • Attenuating catabolic responses and promoting wound healing in recovering patients especially after a major operation, interstitial fistula, acute pancreatitis and multiple trauma
  • Stunted growth in children- This brand of human growth hormone can increase the growth rate and linear cell growth in children with insufficient endogenous growth hormone.
  • Prevention of muscle wasting syndrome in HIV/AIDS patients
  • Promoting wound healing either a chronic ulcer or acute wound- it can be topically applied to patients with severe burns, decubital ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer and chronic venous ulcer.

This brand of human growth hormone has gained popularity among athletes and bodybuilders due to its availability, high quality and low price in the market. Due to the emergence of its successor Hypertropin in the black market, most of this product is termed as counterfeit.

This product has been manufactured using the secretion technology of genetically modifying the E. coli bacteria to secrete somatropin identical to the one produced by the human body which is secluded and then freeze dried. This method produces a molecule that is very stable and can survive shaking or room temperature. This molecule is stable for above a month in 98 F (37 C) degrees environment or for more than seven days in 45C degrees.

Side Effects

The adverse effects majorly depend on an individual response to HGH treatment and the dosage. These may include:

  • Water retention
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Morning aches
  • Experiencing a lot of sleep in the afternoon


This brand of human growth hormone should be totally avoided in case of evident tumor activity. The anti-tumor therapy must be completed and intracranial lesions rendered inactive before initiating therapy. It should not be used to promote growth in children having closed epiphyses.


There are safer and legal natural dietary supplements which are very effective in increasing HGH hormones compared to this brand of human growth hormone and should always be considered as the first options. They promote the HGH synthesis and secretion by the pituitary gland in one’s body and not entirely substituting it like the anabolic steroids.

One should always discuss the growth hormone use with their physicians and read their reviews in order to make an informative and safe choice. There must be a physician prescription accompanying any human growth hormone injection that is legal.