When event management, planning and occasion comes onto the discussion table, several things comes into play.  Every year comes with its own style, innovative ideas, motivation and above all; a special blend of new people who partake in a particular event or the other. For example, the same sets of couples who either celebrated their wedding ceremony or wedding anniversary in the previous year are not the same sets of people you expect to see this year. More so, the event organizers has course to also look different from the previous sets of people you were attracted to in the previous year.

As the world revolves, you’ll get to discover the different sets of people, different sets of ideas, and creative minds and all. If you intend kickstarting the plans for your wedding ceremony this season, and needs some fresh ideas, unexplored thoughts or something a bit different from what is usual and common. Outsourcing for fresh minds, a team with innovation and sees beyond what is obtainable is the ideal plan.

Doing something inexplicably gorgeous, amazing, groundbreaking and that catches the attention of a massive crowd is the ideal plan, this is what is called innovation. Something people do not expect see and hence would be attracted look at on a couple of times. Innovative ideas are diverse, some can be weird and crazy, some are often incredible to look up etc. the recipe depends on you, how and what you really have come up with.

Games: Games? Yea sure, games. Games bring people together in happiness and joy, better still, more accomplishment since it’s your big event day. Maybe a wedding reception or big birthday bash where all the goodies, and loads of fun would be taking place simultaneously. I have visited events like this only to meet a humorous gaming activity organised by the event planners. A situation where single lights plates are offered to invitees leaving each person to carry his on her head for as long as it remains, all in proper synchronised with timings and monitored closely. Leaving the least 5 long lasting head plates with amazing gifts and rewards etc. So full of fun and invitees were blown away in laughter, even as each adult and kid participate glamorously.

Cake Mime: Cake mime has soon become a traditional wedding and birthday idea that most people emulate when organising their various events. Especially when it comes to birthday cake design and development. But a lot could be done to make the idea more glamorous and stunning. For e.g, making a sculpture work out a birthday cake, maybe moulding the celebrants in an amazing way, in such that replicates the full natural looks etc. such an idea attracts public attention and showers amazement.