Like any feature in your home, the cabinetry in your kitchen is subject to trends and styles. And why not? The cabinets are an important part of your kitchen, not to mention the rest of your home, as they are a prominent feature in the most visited part of the home. While kitchen cabinet trends don’t necessarily evolve as quickly as other features in the home, they are still subject to changing styles. Here are a few of the most popular kitchen cabinet trends:

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are a simple, but extremely popular, way to update your kitchen for the modern day and make it attractive for you and your guests to enjoy. They are quite a versatile style as well.

A good shaker cabinet should be constructed of a high-quality American wood such as oak, hickory, or maple. Head to a building supply store to see what options are available to you. Since they’re constructed from high-quality materials, the wood can be stained and finished to show off the beautiful wood grain. You also have the option of painting; neutral colors such as white and gray are great for a contemporary appearance.

Since shaker cabinets are simple, they will work very well in a sleek and contemporary home, but they can also pair well with the features in a more traditional kitchen. If you match the colors of the wood they can certainly provide a beautiful counterpoint to more ornate wooden furniture.

Flat-Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinets are another versatile option that, while generally considered traditional, can work just as well in a transitional or more contemporary home. Flat-Panel cabinets are very simple in their design and are an excellent way to bring a bit of minimalistic style to your kitchen.

Just as with shaker cabinets, flat-panel cabinets should be made from high-quality wood, which can then be stained, finished, or painted to match whichever color scheme you may wish for. If you are on a budget, a less pricey option can simply be to use decorative laminate cabinet doors. Either way, this style is an excellent choice.

Louvered Cabinets

Louvered cabinet doors feature shutters, not unlike the ones you might have on your windows. Louvered doors, however, are gaining popularity in other areas of the home and are no longer just for windows. The wooden slats have a unique appearance to them and will certainly give your kitchen a gorgeous, old-fashioned look.

While they’re a good bit pricier than some of the other options here, many homeowners find the cost to be absolutely worth it for the aesthetic appeal that louvered cabinets provide. Many people also opt to use louvered doors on just a select few cabinets throughout their kitchens as a highlighting feature. Check your local building supply store to see if louvered cabinets are an option. Franklin Building Supply is a great choice in the Idaho area; their six design centers, Design Innovations, can provide you with all the help you need when redesigning your cabinets, or any other aspect of your home.

Glass Door Cabinets

Glass doors are another feature that never really go out of style. There have been many trends in cabinetry over the years, but glass doors can always be relied upon to bring a touch of elegance and class to any kitchen. This is another option that is as versatile as it is attractive; using frosted glass will give a more modern look to your kitchen, for example. This feature is particularly useful if you want to show off any fine dishware that you own; it also makes your kitchen appear a bit more open.

Trends in Color

The materials and style matter a great deal when choosing which cabinets will best serve your kitchen; the colors matter just as much and are just as subject to changing styles and trends. Today, a somewhat sleek and minimalistic look is extremely popular, and to help achieve this look you can make use of neutral colors. White is a great choice; it makes kitchens look bigger and brighter. Of course, there are challenges inherent in having white cabinetry, the most notable of which is cleaning. Other popular neutral colors, such as gray, will not be as difficult to keep clean. Gray is a great choice because it works well with just about any other colors in the home. You can use a variety of different shades to achieve different effects; light gray makes cabinetry appear bright and inviting, while darker gives a bit more of a dramatic flair.

Modern Additions

If you are looking to update your traditional kitchen to one that’s more modern, even futuristic, one option is stainless steel cabinetry. But if that’s going a bit too far, to please your aesthetics while achieving your vision, think beyond the cabinets. Today, the hardware, or lack thereof, added to cabinetry reflects your design just as much as the cabinet itself.

Consider stainless steel or chrome minimalistic hardware, or even opt for handleless cabinets that allow the cabinetry to effortlessly blend into the background. These cabinets easily open with the push of a hand and close so quietly behind you no one will know you snuck into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

You may also want to add charging stations into your cabinet design. This custom addition will allow you to rest your devices in an area that is away from the counter where you’re cooking, but close enough for easy access.

Kitchen cabinetry goes through trends just like any other feature of the home, but sticking with simple, elegant designs will ensure that your cabinets will never go out of style. You can actually implement many of the updates to your home yourself; find a reliable building supply store near you and you will be able to start your next project right away.