Are you looking to move to New Zealand in order to enjoy a great quality of life in this beautiful, sunny, green and diverse country? If you are considering emigrating to New Zealand, there will be many more opportunities for jobs if your skill set is in high demand. There are certain industries and positions that are in New Zealand that are undergoing a shortage of labour and professionals in these industries are needed to fill the gaps. If your career experience and training matches up with these professions, you will find it easier to apply for work visas and find jobs in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a very small country of only four million people and the population is rapidly aging, which means that there are not enough workers. Also, it loses around 10% of its skilled workforce to other countries when Kiwis choose to work abroad. These are just a few of the reasons why the demand for skilled workers in New Zealand is so high.

Here are a few examples of the most in demand jobs in New Zealand.

Construction and Engineering

The demand for construction and engineering jobs in New Zealand has peaked in recent years, especially with all of the work being done in Christchurch to recover from the devastating earthquake. There are many major projects that have been tendered and won, so there are a lot of opportunities to find construction and engineering work in the near future.

Accountancy and Finance

There has been a shortage of qualified accountants within the industry, so if your skill set lies within this field there will be a lot of opportunities for you to find work. If you have at least six months of experience as a commercial accountant as well as good interpersonal skills, you will be a highly sought after candidate.


In New Zealand there is a shortage of Line Mechanics in the Energy industry, especially in the rural areas due to the limited population. A lot of project work was released in 2015 and this industry is expected to continue going strong next year. If you work within this sector, you will find yourself enjoying a lot of great job opportunities.

Facilities Management

Do you have qualifications and a background in facilities management? If you do, there are a lot of roles available in companies that are expanding their property portfolios and their operations. There is a major shortage of experienced facilities management experts and HVAC Service Technicians who have the necessary technical skills and knowledge.

Human Resources

For companies in New Zealand it is becoming increasingly important to be able to engage the correct employees and retain them for the long term. Also, there days new training programs and projects are being rolled out and there is a demand for learning and development experts. If you work in the human resources field this is good news for you, as you will have plenty of job opportunities in New Zealand.

Insurance Brokers

There are a lot of opportunities for commercial insurance brokers in New Zealand, especially in the cities of Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. Some of the positions available are newly created, while others are due to staff needing to be replaced or leaving. If you already have experience within this industry, it’s time to make some connections and impress the New Zealand insurance companies with your qualifications and your track record for results.

Real Estate

If you have experience and qualifications in the real estate industry, you’ll find it easy to get a job in New Zealand. There has been a general upswing in the market recently and that is driving up the demand for jobs in this field. The more experience and training you have the more you will stand out from the rest.

These are just a few of the most in demand jobs in New Zealand. If your skills match up with one of these professions, you will likely find it easier to get a job in New Zealand. Also, you’ll find that the process of obtaining a working visa will be faster and more straightforward. Your skills are in demand in New Zealand, so why not make your move?