The concept of legal aid stems from the provision of equal justice to all whether one has the resources to afford it or not. This means that those who are unable to pay the huge legal representation fees if such a matter arises, are provided with aid by the state so that they do not suffer in any way due to the lack of money.

Often times people who require legal aid are those that do not speak English or English is not their native language. Hence, it is difficult for them to understand complicated terms that are used in the legal field. However, in order to make them understand the possible complications, it becomes necessary to translate everything into their native language.

Here are reasons why the case and everything related to it should be translated for someone who does not understand English or is weak at it:

Easy Access

If the facility of translators is readily available, people are more confident to approach the court in case of need. Thus, the easy passage provided by translators also eases the provision of justice.

Dual Benefits

A non-English speaking person is more likely to be shy and uncomfortable around a person who does not speak his language. Moreover, he might not be able to convey his message across properly in a language he is not well-versed in. Here, a translator comes in handy. Not only is the victim able to tell exactly what the situation is, the lawyer can also easily understand the case and help.

The Importance Of Native Language In Legal Aid Services

Legal Jargon

It is imperative that the victim is aware of everything going on in the case even if he is not able to understand it properly. For this purpose, a translator can really break it down to him so he knows the course the lawyer intends to take and what each legal terms means. This will further help the victim give his feedback regarding the case and how it is being dealt with.

Translation of Legal Document

A translator is not just important to make the victim aware of how the case is being fought and the legal paraphernalia. He also comes in handy in translating legal documents into the language of the victim. This shall keep him on track even when there is no one around to explain the details of the case to him. Translating all the documents even help save time and in legal matters, time can of essence.

Thus, whenever a person requires legal aid, it is ideal if a good translation company is called out for help. All reputable firms are already in business with such firms to facilitate their clientele. Besides it is good practice to have a company at back up even if you do not deal with people requiring legal aid. There are sometimes customers from all over the world who might be fighting a case and will need translation services to get the work done. Hence, translators are sometimes extremely crucial to the process of law.

Danny Donovan is a translator working for a good firm. His experience with translating scripts for various legal transcripts for DJP Solicitors has inclined him towards their services for any legal matter.