It is not a widely known fact that wooden frames lead to a loss of about 20% insulation in any property. The constantly changing climatic conditions demand more energy consumption. Hence, it is our responsibility to reduce energy loss in our houses and this can be achieved by installing double (or triple) glazed uPVC windows and doors.Soundproof windows

Installing double glazed uPVC windows and doors will result in an immediate reduction in the heat loss because they are heat resilient. Proper insulation results in a significant decrease in your household’s total energy consumption, which in turn leads to the dramatic decrease in your electricity bills. Besides heat resilience, these durable and soundproof windows and doors require very low maintenance and are environment-friendly.

How does it work?

Double-glazing units have two uPVC panes, rather than a single one that is more commonly found in the traditional wooden or aluminum window frames. The two panes are spaced at a few millimeters from each other; this space is either separated by a vacuum or filled with inert gases such as argon, which enhance the frame’s insulating properties. The insulating and noise-reducing effects can be further enhanced by making the use of triple glazing or increasing the space between the two panes.

uPVC Doors and Windows — Energy Efficient solutions

uPVC is a rigid, light-weighted material. It has insulating properties and hence, does not allow heat to enter or escape a room. If you have double glazed uPVC windows installed at your house, you will be able to improve thermal resistance by 94%. The space between the two panes helps in creating an insulating zone that regulates the temperature inside your house by keeping the outside heat out. This will help in reducing the loss of warmth in winters and keep you cooler in the summers, eventually cutting the consumption of energy.

uPVC is also an eco-friendly and recyclable material that does not contaminate the environment and hence, does not contribute to global warming. Even the waste produced during the manufacturing of uPVC doors and windows can be reprocessed, helping in creating a more sustainable future. Moreover, it has reduced the use of wood to a great extent that has eventually led to the conservation of forests.

So, if you are looking forward to installing uPVC doors and windows at your house, check with the best uPVC manufactures in India to ensure that you won’t have to compromise with the quality of the product and be fully content with the installation process.