Has writing ever been your passion? Or have you ever dreamed of seeing your name on the cover page of a bestselling book? If you have that burning desire to be a writer, don’t give up the dream just yet.

Being a writer is not a rocket science; all you need to do is give a good start to your passion. Now, if you are struggling with questions like ‘how would I start?’ or ‘I have no idea about writing’ then don’t worry, we are here to help you. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you become a top-notch writer .

  1. Read  a lot

To be a writer or deliver what you want to say to your readers, you must know how to use the right words and play with them.  The right selection of words for writing is as necessary as fuel for a vehicle. And, to master the use of words what can be a better way other than reading?

In simple words, the first step towards your destination is to read, read and read. Read everything that you can, whether it’s a fiction, story book, newspaper, magazine or a literature book.

Start with reading stuff and once you get a hang of ‘how to write’ only then move on to top level books to make it superb. Read them carefully and examine how the author has conveyed his thoughts in the simplest yet effective way. Understand how they are gaining the attention of readers and maintaining it throughout the book.  You can’t even imagine yourself as a writer until you are deeply in love with reading.

  1.     Write for yourself

Never consider writing as your job; in fact, learn to enjoy it. You can be a writer that can touch the hearts of millions of readers only if you write it from your heart. Write whatever you find interesting, put pen to paper for yourself and write only when you are fully drowned in feelings, thoughts and opinions. This will not only pen down your inner thoughts, but also link them to the hearts of millions of readers through your content.

Try to make your content as interesting as possible so that when anyone reads it they forget themselves and sink deep in what you are saying or portraying to them.

  1. Make the titles catchy

To hook people’s attention with your content, it’s essential to maintain their interest from the beginning itself, and for that your title must be interesting. Otherwise, they will never go beyond a few lines of the first page.

Catchy titles not only attract the readers to read more of what you’ve written, but also helps you make an impression on them. And yes, the title must go with the content and make proper sense of what you’re trying to convey.

  1. Write according to your audience

The best way to be a good writer is to inculcate a simple habit that is “first write for yourself and then rewrite it for your readers”. To make your content according to your audience, first understand them thoroughly. Understand the way people think, the kind of text they love to read and what are their thoughts and opinions on different things. Try your level best to get an overall idea about your people and then rewrite your work in the best way possible so that they can understand and enjoy it.

  1. Enjoy writing

Writing is one of the world’s best jobs if you really love it. It’s a magic how you can define a deep and meaningful thought in few words and how your words can touch millions of hearts. Whatever you are writing, remember it is going to last for thousands of years and going to be read by several next generations.

The best you can do to your work is to start loving it from your heart, once you start doing just that the words will automatically come to you. The more you write, the more you will want to write. The best thing is this profession doesn’t require any expensive tools to work with, just a bunch of papers and a supply of cheap printed pens can work wonders.

So, just wake up the hidden writer in you and start your journey. We hope these tips will help you launch your career as a writer.