Cadmium Sulfide is a chemical compound. It is in yellow color. It is also a semiconductor of electricity. The property of cadmium sulfide is as follows. Its physical state and appearance is solid powder. Usually its color differs from yellow and brown, the molecular weight of cadmium sulfide is 144.46g/mole. It is insoluble in both cold and hot water. It is used in the production of solar cells. In this way it is used as a form of buffer coating in the manufacture of CIGS. The other uses of cadmium sulfide are as follows. It is used as chemical bath deposition and also as sputtering a sol gel techniques. Cadmium sulfide is also used as an electrochemical deposition and used as a light dependent. There is common question while speaking about the chemical compound what is the chemical formula for cadmium sulfide, CdS Cadmium sulfides number is 1306-23-6.

The Chemical Compound-Cadmium Sulfide

Important Cause On Cadmium Sulfide

The main use of cadmium sulfide is pigment. It is more widely conventional and widely affordable. The cadmium sulfide msds (material safety data sheet) are given in the article. It is odorless. The health hazard information about the cadmium sulfide is that the toxicological property, physical and chemical properties of this chemical substance is not completely recorded or investigated by the researches. It is a poison by ingestion. Also the affects in the kidney and respiratory track occurs due to the inhalation of fumes or by the dust particles. Even death and pulmonary edema is also possible due to the high concentrations of cadmium sulfide. And also its fumes are responsible in causing metal fume fever. The actual effects are as irritation on the upper respiratory system for the person who inhales it, constriction of the throat, chest pain, dyspnea, cough, pulmonary edema are the common symptoms that occurs. It may also cause irritation in eyes, skin of the person. While shipping cadmium sulfide it is important to be named in a way Cadmium compound. And also the person whom are handling this chemical compound it is necessary for him to wear proper and necessary ventilation.

Therefore it is always necessary to know about the right information while knowing about the chemical compound. It is always important to know the correct information about the chemicals. And also while handling it using up the rubber gloves in the hands and wearing up of safety glasses in the eyes is very necessary. This alone safe guard the person from being affect by its side effects. This is the inorganic compound. It is occurs in nature. The nature occurrence of this compound is available with two different crystal structures. In the form of rare mineral called greenockite and hawleyite. And also this is an impurity substance. As a chemical compound it is been easy purified and isolate. It is been prepared from the precipitation from the soluble cadmium salts with the sulfide ion. In this way the cadmium sulfide is prepared. This reaction is made by the gravimeteric analysis and also done by the qualitative inorganic analysis.