Brexit a term that we were not aware of until June 23rd 2016 happened. It refers to the British Exit from the European economy. Last year on this day, havoc in the global market was observed with this decision of UK which also caused the British Pound to fall at the lowest price in over 30 years. Technically and economically all the markets in the world have been affected by this powerful step taken. The Prime Minister Cameron also resigned the very next day. Since the decision was in process from March 2016 but no negotiation could succeed. Somehow it is true that Britain is still a part of European Union until 2019 and the Brexit changes would require a lot of time to get implement and have an effect. So, we can say that the implications which were being faced by the travelers are not at all over as yet. As for now you can easily state the differences in European Travel because of Brexit that are going to be imposed. Let us now understand these different aspects that are going to change when the laws will be enacted.

The Differences in European Travel because of Brexit:

  1. Borderless Travel in Future: It is certainly possible or we can say it is going to happen that once the leaving arrangements are through the British citizen could travel in the EU anywhere without taking visas. The British citizens would fall under the category of non-EU citizens.
  2. Airfares Getting Higher: With the confirmation of Britain leaving the EU, the British airlines like EasyJet would have to make new arrangements to fly freely without restrictions to any part of the EU. So the fares getting low would completely depend of the negotiation being made.
  3. Pound goes Weaker Now: This is so certain that the value and price of Pound has decreased in the global market now and the holidays are going to get more expensive. Because of a steep decline in the value of Pound the travelers will be disappointed now.
  4. Compensation on Delayed and Cancelled Flights: Earlier the travelers used to get a high compensation in case the flights are delayed or cancelled under the EU directive law. However, now it will be very hard to ask for compensation and might have to drag the authorities to court to fight or your compensation.
  5. Holiday Protection: Earlier the people used to enjoy financial protection arrangements which were being made in their holiday packages itself. This was also mentioned under the EU directive of 1992. However you can still enjoy this holiday financial protection till the new law gets implemented which is due in 2018.
  6. Working in EU will be Harder: when you travel to Europe and if you want to fun your trip by doing some jobs there, it won’t be easy now. There will be a lot restrictions and implications that are going to be imposed on you from now on.

About Duty Free: We will be treated with the same arrangements which other countries face. We are not going to the exception to the rule anymore.