In New Jersey, driving matters. While they may be able to get away with subways across the river in New York or car services and taxis in the centers of cities like Los Angeles, the busy sprawl of urban and suburban New Jersey demands the autonomy that comes with a personal vehicle. But which vehicle?

Allow us to humbly suggest a Nissan. Nissan is one of the best brands in the auto world today, and their remarkable and affordable lineup offers a little something for everyone. Head to your local Paramus Nissan dealership today and test drive one!

The best Nissan for your needs

For the commuter with style: the Maxima

The Maxima is sporty, sleek, and powerful. It handles well and can accelerate with the best of them. But this is no museum piece: the Maxima is ready to be your daily driver. It’s a four-door sedan that’s perfect for everything from your daily commute to your family vacation. It’s just that it happens to feel like a coupe, that’s all.

For the sporty guy or gal: the Z Roadster

The Best Nissans For New Jersey Driving

Nissan’s Z Roadster is a beautiful car that’s a blast to drive. Drop the top in good weather and cruise the neighborhood in a car that makes a statement.

For the soccer mom or dad: the Rogue

The Rogue is the perfect car for a growing family that values space – and safety. It’s cooler than any minivan (except maybe the Quest – but more on that in a moment), but just as functional. For a step up, check out the Rogue Sport.

For the big family: the Quest

When you need a lot of seats, you need a minivan. But that doesn’t mean you should have to drive some massive, silly-looking thing. The sleek and stylish Quest is the cure for the common minivan. It handles well enough to handle any tough New Jersey driving situation while staying large enough to keep your family comfortable.

For the hard-working driver: the Frontier

Nissan’s mid-size pickup is tough enough for big jobs while still being nimble enough to navigate our busy New Jersey streets. The Frontier is all business, ready to haul or tow heavy loads. This is truck for people who really need a truck, not just for people who want to look like they do!