An extractor fan has a variety of useful purposes. You can install them in any room that has a problem with gas, smoke or humidity. They are typically easy to install, fitting into a pre-drilled hole in the wall. Some models can even be fitted into window panes. But, in this article, we will discuss mainly about kitchen extractor fans.

6 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Extractor Fan

  1. To Control Humidity

People tend to install a commercial kitchen extractor fan in their kitchen. It is the area of the restaurant where people struggle with mildew and mould caused by the humidity and steam. There are a range of products than can remove mildew and mould, but these are temporary solutions and both will continue to breed if you don’t attend to the main cause.

An extractor fan mounted on the ceiling or high up on a wall will work pull the moist air out of the room, leaving the air too dry for mould to grow.

  1. To Control Odours, Fumes and Steam

An extractor fan will remove odours, fumes and steam resulting from cooking. The fans help to limit smoke damage to your ceilings and walls, particularly right above the stove top. The hoods above the stove can either be vented or ventless.

By removing steam and smoke from the kitchen when you or your staff are cooking, the fans also help to eliminate the grease that rises up within the steam. This cuts down on the need to clean the walls and ceiling around the cooking area.

  1. Smoke and Gas Removal

Areas that tend to collect harmful airborne pollutants benefit from the installation of an extractor fan. Not only do kitchens benefit, but garages, basements and other areas where people smoke, too.

  1. Heat Removal

In warmer climates, the extractor fan will have a secondary function as a heat removal appliance. Heat rises and tends to pool around the ceiling; therefore the extractor fan will pull the heat into your roof space and create a recurrent flow of cooler air in the space.

  1. Maintaining Fabric and Wall Health

This is particularly important in areas where people cook and smoke. In particular, the tar in smoke tends to build up a thin layer on the appliances, furniture, windows and walls. By extracting the smoke, this process is avoided and the walls and surrounding items are kept cleaner for longer.

When an extractor fan is installed in the ceiling, it is important that the box with insulation is not covered. Most fans that are installed in the ceiling will usually vent into the roof space, but some will often require duct hosing to the outside. It is up to you which will work for your restaurant.

  1. Energy Efficiency Savings

The installation of extractor fans and hoods can help to reduce your restaurant’s overall utility expenses. The automatic cooling systems often found in kitchens overcompensate for the high temperatures in the kitchen. An efficient extraction system uses a lot less energy compared to air conditioners that are typically programmed to maintain even temperatures.


The reasons for installing a kitchen extractor fan are manifold, and so too are their immediate benefits. Maintaining high and comfortable standards for your restaurant by improving the cooking, preparation and eating experience will translate into increased enjoyment, increased savings and cleaner, healthier air.