Dreaming of being a doctor since you were young? Many have as the fascination with playing doctors and nurses can be traced back to childhood but for some the pleasure of the game becomes a life choice as they get older. They develop an interest in the body and how it functions a fascination with science and how it can affect disease and its treatment. The opportunity to be saving lives and being part of a dynamic and essential team is attractive to many. A decision made in childhood to be a doctor can transform into a reality where you choose to study medicine providing you with the skills knowledge and confidence to become part of the medical world.

Stop Dreaming – Start Doing!

Dreams of becoming a doctor is not enough as you also need to be practical. Hard work and dedication – these are a given as for any undergraduate or post-graduate course. The course you choose will demand much of you but in return you will gain not only knowledge on the subject of medicine and all it entails but also life communication and study skills. These along with many more skills will equip you to be a doctor or to follow one of the many options available to graduating students of medicine. Options like research pharmacology forensics human sciences and of course being a doctor either a general medical practitioner or a specialist in the huge field that is medicine.

Medicine is a challenging, stimulating and demanding career option. It has its roots in the sciences but it is also about people. Medicine calls for integrity and a genuine interest in people, and helping vulnerable people gives tremendous job satisfaction. The challenge of working in a field that is constantly evolving and being engaged in cutting edge technology has a certain appeal. Studying medicine has all of that and more, but your first choice will be to choose your course. There are many excellent universities offering medical degrees and some are more prestigious than others, making entry requirements vary for each college and university. Consider moving out of your comfort zone and maybe study abroad, as there are some excellent opportunities all over the world. Before any decisions are made, visit www.schoolapply.com and explore what is available. Remember that the study of medicine is not just about academia but about personal and professional growth and where you choose to study should offer a fully rounded-out curriculum.

Could You be a Doctor?

Being a doctor is a recognized role in society and it brings with it status and a degree of responsibility. It also provides a relatively stable career ladder and regular and potentially large paychecks. To get to that position you have to choose your school with care and with an eye to the future. There is a huge diversity in the places offered to study medicine; choosing your school can be your first hurdle as competition is stiff. The more prestigious the medical school the higher the entry requirements but this does not mean an overall better school just one that is more recognized and renown.

Look for a school that also offers a comprehensive program. One that offers opportunities for personal development through sports music theater etc. These are all good for developing skills that can be helpful to your future career. Teamwork skills can be gained through through sports public speaking through performing. Doctors do not work in isolation they interact lead and are part of teams of multi-disciplinary professionals; having an ability to integrate into the different teams is an essential skill for a career aspiring doctor and certainly a skill that can be refined whilst studying medicine.

Speaking at conferences and presenting papers could be parts of a doctor’s job and confidence in this area will stand you in good stead. Being a doctor comes with a strict code of conduct and responsibility to your team and your profession. Doctors are expected to be leaders and learning the skills to achieve this is part of the course but can also be practiced outside of the classroom in the various societies and associations you will find in and around campus. Training to be a doctor is hard work but there is also time for yourself and learning life skills should be fun.

Medicine – A Step in the Right Direction

Prior to graduation you will have chosen the direction you want your career to go at that time. For some it is further study specializing in one of the many aspects and branches of medicine. Depending on your student experiences and placements you may decide that you want to pursue a slightly different career path than you first anticipated doing. Still being a doctor but maybe spreading your wings and going to work abroad. Doctors Without Borders is just one of the many charities around the world that offers exciting opportunities for doctors taking you to the most vulnerable spots in the world. Experiencing being a doctor in an environment that will be far beyond anything you’ve experienced so far.

Other medical graduates will want to experience life as a practicing doctor either in a local city or town practice or hospital and whilst competition for jobs can be tough there are jobs. There will always be employment for doctors. Graduating is not the end of studying as choosing medicine as a career guarantees you will continue to study; seminars and conferences are all part of a doctor’s lifeand ameliorating your knowledge practice and skills is a necessary part of the career you have chosen. Research also has an integral role in a doctor’s work and can be developed into a full time role which can be a very lucrative and exiting arena to work in. Your degree in medicine can also be a starting point for careers in psychiatry and psychotherapy both very popular career choices. Law and medicine is also an interesting choice as is pathology both of which can be pursued with a medical degree.

Doctor and Beyond

Dreams of being a doctor are achievable and it can be a rewarding exciting and interesting career. The role of being a doctor is multi-faceted and can be emotional tense and stressful – but it also offers incredible rewards: the joy of working with others of being able to offer help advise and support and of problem solving. Being a doctor is the beginning of a journey of continuous opportunities and growth. If you decide to work within your own comfort zone or spread your wings there is a worldwide supportive network for all doctors who bring health solace and care to those who need it the most. Thinking of medicine for a career? Go for it – hard work great rewards and a satisfying career are all waiting for you.