Casual flings come in different forms – one-night stands with strangers, random hookups with acquaintances, late-night booty calls, and friends with benefits, to name just a few. These can be exciting and fun experiences, but are also fraught with potential for misunderstanding. To make sure that you have the best possible time, here are 6 rules you must abide by when looking to engage in some casual adult fun…Golden Rules

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1. Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

Keep in mind is that this is about fun – not a relationship, so check your emotions at the door. You cannot expect the situation to turn into something more serious. You are not entitled to feel jealous or possessive over the other person, or to have any expectations of them outside of the arrangement. As long as you are aware of what you’re feeling and know to back away if you’re getting too attached, you will avoid getting hurt.

2. Be Wise

Always make sure that you are safe. If you’re meeting a stranger, it’s always recommended to first meet up in a neutral, public area over a drink before you take things somewhere more private. Also remember to tell a close, understanding friend, so that they know where you are. Here are some tips on meeting people from the internet.

Of course, sex has its dangers too: namely, STIs and pregnancy. If you are used to being in a committed relationship it can be easy to forget the importance of protecting yourself. The most popular preventative methods are condoms and the pill, but it’s always a good idea for both you and your partner to go and get checked at a sexual health clinic beforehand.

3. Be Respectful

Not being in a relationship, doesn’t mean that both you and your partner should not show each other respect and consideration. The key to this is communication, and picking up on verbal and non-verbal cues from your casual sex buddy, before, during, and after the sex. This means being open about your feelings and desires, and listening to theirs.

4. Explore!

When you’re having sex with someone who doesn’t know you in your everyday life, it gives you the freedom to be someone different in the bedroom. This is why a casual dating site, is such a great way to explore your sexual boundaries.

Use this opportunity to try and explore and initiate fantasies, and to try things that you might not have dared to in the past. Creating a safe, judgement-free zone for sexual pleasure is the best way to have as much fun as possible, while learning more about yourself in the process. Here are some ideas of things to try.

5. Know The Limits of the Relationship

…This is something that applies both to the sex itself, and the relationship you share with your fling in general. Make sure you are clear with anything you’re uncomfortable with. But also decide on how much time you spend together, and what non-sexual activities you can engage in – if watching TV together is acceptable but going to the cinema is off the cards, let your partner know.