While technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, it doesn’t appear that it will be slowing down anytime soon. Mobile device manufacturers continue to announce new technologies that make their products unique and desirable to consumers around the world.

Wearable Technology

While there are limited options of this trend available on the market today, such as Google Glass and smart watches, this technology will continue to advance. Motorola Mobility recently obtained a patent for a system that users implant beneath the skin of the neck. While this concept may take time to gain traction, it certainly seems to be the way of the future to not have to carry around a mobile device.

6 New and Upcoming Mobile Technologies

Multiplatform Apps

App developers currently create their apps with three major mobile platforms in mind: iOS, Windows, and Android. As apps continue to dominate the marketplace for mobile users, these developers will need to create options that work seamlessly across the various operating systems. This concept is ideal for those who use different products in different aspects of their lives, such as a PC at work, an iPad at home, and an Android phone for both personal and business needs. If he or she uses an app that is available in the Google Play store, it should transfer the data to the iPad app from the App Store for an easier transition.

Improved Location Precision

Advertisers use location tracking within mobile devices to deliver targeted messages to their audiences. This may not always work as efficiently as they might like, especially when mobile users are indoors or in cloudy areas, so improving this is an aspect of technological advancement that should continue to improve in the near future. Some phones have better location services than others; click here to look at options available on T-Mobile’s reliable network.

Mobile Connectivity

Within the next five years, most homes will become “smart” homes that you can control from a mobile device. This has already started with mobile-controlled thermostats and alarm systems, but tech experts predict that appliances, toys, LED light bulbs, and power sockets are just a few of the items that will become controllable from a mobile device.

Better Screen Resolution

It seems like every new phone that comes out has better screen resolution than the last, so mobile users can continue to look forward to improvements. Apple uses a retina display for better resolution, and other companies are trying to rival or beat this technology with the release of each new product. In addition to improving the resolution, many companies are looking at materials to improve the strength of the screen since a shattered screen is a frustration that many people experience.

Faster Networks

Mobile networks are also improving in speeds to allow users to download and upload content faster from anywhere in the world. Most of us are familiar with LTE, but LTE-A is the next technology that could potentially increase download speeds to 1 Gbps and increase the bandwidth for all users.

As the technological world changes, it is exciting to think about what might be coming next in the latest gadgets.