The massive network of Indian Railways is wonder in its own. If you want to unravel through the beauties of Indian countryside, it’s not just about the Rajdhani and Shatabdi anymore. Let’s take a look at some of the most enchanting train journeys which are definitely worth taking.

Taking The Most Extraordinary Train Journeys Of Your Life

The Indian railway is perhaps the best way to get close with the untouched beauty of the country. Whizzing through the forests, long tunnels, valleys and fields, a train journey is the best way to view the countryside and make some new friends. While flights are quick and buses can stuck at jams, a train journey is the perfect way to enjoy the happiness of travelling. Here are some of the most enchanting train journeys that you should definitely go for once in your life.

The Indian Maharaja – This royal treat, is like taking a therapeutic massage en route to the Taj Mahal. It is the first luxury train in the country, with huge presidential suites, conference cabins (which can also turn into a discotheque), multi-cuisine restaurants and even a spa. This train takes a course of eight days from Mumbai to New Delhi and takes you through the wonders of Rajasthan like Udaipur and Jodhpur before a little detour to Agra and finally ends at New Delhi. For the first timers, it may appear like a five-star hotel laden with all the premium facilities. Indeed, a royal fun.

Palace on Wheels – Probably the marquee player in the world of palatial trains, this wonder on tracks is known for its lavish Rajputana treat. If you want to get close to the lives of the royals, this is the best way to do so. This grand ride will take you through the ancient palaces, forts, temples and splendid ruins. The journey usually lasts for a week, with facilities like luxury salons, bar and restaurants and personal butlers at your service. You can catch the glimpse of the fabulous wonders of the Golden Triangle, while touring around villages and towns.

Golden Chariot – Taking a tour in the Golden Chariot is like sitting in a time machine and enjoying the wonders of an era bygone. This luxurious ride takes you through the Badami Caves, the glorious ruins of Hampi and the gorgeous palaces of Mysore. If you’re up for a close brush with the South Indian history, this train should definitely be included in your travel itinerary. The Golden Chariot will pamper you like an aristocrat and will offer you a window to India’s glorious past.

Konkan Railway  – This beautiful train ride connects Mumbai, through the stretches of Kerala. From a bustling city of Mumbai, to the green pastures of Kerala, the Konkan Railway is an exciting way to enjoy the beauty of the Western Ghats. Don’t forget to embark on this journey during monsoons when the entire regions seems like gleaming. Check the PNR status of the train before going for bookings.

So, if you’re planning to go around touring the various states and cities in India, don’t forget to take these beautiful trains and enjoy a lavish, royal treat.