Applying to medical school is a major decision, and it can be one filled with fear and anxiety. Will I get in? Where will I go? Will I get what I need to become a successful physician? At Trinity School of Medicine, located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean islands, you can find some assurance through the process, and trust that you’ll have a meaningful experience that will prepare you for a great career in medicine.

Applying to Medical School in the Caribbean

Trinity School of Medicine welcomes applications from talented, motivated students looking to pursue their medical education in a unique environment. We look for students with outstanding potential, and we understand that making the decision to apply to our program is not one you will take lightly. That’s why we offer two distinct tools to support you in this process. Our admissions predictor tool uses six questions to determine your likelihood of admission by analyzing some of your quantitative undergraduate admission data. If you’re looking for a more in-depth assessment of your candidacy before you apply, consider our Pre-Application Evaluation, which will give you a sense of how competitive your overall application to Trinity School of Medicine will be. These tools can help you better understand your chances of acceptance before you apply, to help make the process less stressful, and get you on your way to pursuing an excellent medical education in the Caribbean.

Securing a Placement

If you’ve made the decision to apply to Trinity School of Medicine, congratulations! We look forward to reviewing your application and determining if you’ll be a good match for our rising class of medical professionals. Our location in the Caribbean not only allows for an outstanding quality of life, but, in just a decade, we’ve built up strong partnerships with local medical providers, as well as non-profit organizations, to ensure meaningful clinical rotations that can set you apart from your peers upon completion of your medical degree. At Trinity, not only will you enjoy a beautiful location right in the Caribbean islands, but you’ll also find unique learning experiences tailored to the population and environment of an island community. We believe that the strength of our program, as well as the opportunities we give students to succeed and find their unique path, has helped our excellent residency match rate, which, in just 10 years, is already at 86%.

If you’re looking for a rigorous medical school that offers support every step of the way, from application to rotations to residency match, you’ll find that, and more, in Trinity School of Medicine. Contact us today to learn more, or start exploring our pre-application tools to get started on your path.