The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies mental health as a marker of a person’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioralwell-being. It is considered to be a specifically important aspect behindthe health of human beings as it determines the capabilities, productivity, and the contribution of the person towards the global community.

Since a number of agents present in the individual’s surroundings, including family conditions, genetic heritage, social conditions, and life experiences, any individual can become subject to a mental illness during any particular phase of their life. This is why neurocare pharma companies often print sensitive advisories on their products that highlights the unforeseeable nature of psychological disorders. Here is a list of some of the general symptoms that highlight psychological disturbances in a person and demand immediate medical help:

  1. Breakdown of Eating and/or Sleeping Routine 

Excessive sleeping and insomnia have been found to be common to a number of mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Likewise, loss of appetite and binge eating also suggest severe mental disturbances in individuals. Hence, individuals suffering from any of these symptoms must be removed from accessing medicines of neurocare pharma companies, until a psychiatrist’s consultation is obtained.


  1. Disinterest in Social Interactions, Hobbies and Usual Activities 

Pulling away from society and losing interest in physical or mental activities indicates an obsessive inclination towards self-depreciating or anxiety causing thoughts. If such a condition is left unchecked, it may worsen the condition of the person and evoke explosive reactions from his/her.


  1. Inability to Perform Basic Tasks 

People dealing with psychological disturbances often run low on energy or enthusiasm (despite being physically fit) and indulge in analyzing past memories or expected future outcomes consistently. This, in turn, reduces their ability to focus on tasks at hand. Thus, they often look confused at the face of tasks, fail to follow instructions, and remain unable to complete everyday duties.


  1. Persistent Thoughts About Harming Oneself or Others 

The inclination of individuals to harm oneself is clinically termed as a “suicidal tendency.”People suffering from psychological crisis often indulge in thinking about the death of oneself or the people around them– going as far as physically harming his/her body with pointed objects. These tendencies may also be passively registered, such that the person may become negligent towards their own health and indulge in over-consumption of physically harmful substances. Hence, neurocare pharma companies’ advice family members to keep their products off the reach of potentially suicidal individuals.


  1. Display Unusual Emotions or Oversensitivity towards Experiences 

Mental illnesses affect the sensory perceptions of individuals, thereby disrupting their sense of understanding and cognition. Thus, a person struggling with mental illness may give exaggerated and unusual behavioral or emotional responses to everyday experiences. They might even remain in a constant state of hysteria, paranoia, or gloom regardless of the circumstantial stimuli provided to them.


  1. Register Unfounded Perceptions 

Last but not the least, of all serious symptoms of mental illnesses, is hallucination. People suffering from a complete emotional breakdown or trauma often complain about hearing voices and seeing abstract figures around themselves, which are nothing but projections of their mind. If ignored for a considerable time, these unfounded perceptions can reduce the mental health of the person drastically.

Neurocare pharma companies supply a variety of medicines that can heal all of the above symptoms. However, one must not practice self-diagnosis when it comes to treating mental illnesses because merely curbing the visible symptoms does not heal the suffering individual. Psychiatrists identify the ailing disorder and then only prescribe medications that can recover the patient completely without producing side effects on him/her.