Whatsapp has a huge number of active users who regularly use Whatsapp a lot and Whatsapp has become a part of their lives. The day of millions of people starts with Whatsapp and ends with it only. But, to reach this level Whatsapp has come up with many brilliant and fantastic ideas. And one such idea was to introduce group chat to Whatsapp.

Whatsapp introduced the idea of chatting in groups in which multiple people can chat with each other at the same time. And also the benefit is that one person can join as many groups as he can, this means that there is no limit of joining number of groups. The basic concept of making a group is that there should be one group admin who can add up to 100 participants in a group and also he has the power to make anyone else the group admin too. This means that there is no limit of group admin, there may be a multiple group admin for a single group. Persons having same ideology, same interests and same likings and disliking can be in a group and then can chat there, can share images, videos and many others in that group only.

Stay Connected With Your Loved One At A Time In Whatsapp Groups

This concept of making people together in the form of Whatsapp Groups has been a super hit idea. Millions of people are there indulged in many groups, sharing everything with group members and enjoying with them. These groups are not only meant for entertainment purpose only. There are many organizations which make their Whatsapp groups to share the information about the company on the group, like timings, meetings, etc. This has made the communication process very easy and accessible to almost everyone.

Every group has its own name which any of the participant can give to it and along with the group name there is also a group icon option present, from which the profile picture or simply display picture of the group can be changed. This App is also going to introduce new interface of some series based smartphones like Note 6, xperia Z6, galaxy S7 and even for iphone 8 too!

So because of all these facilities the Whatsapp groups are a big hit and popular all over the world.