Bathroom design is often something that home owners put at the bottom of their home decoration list, believing that there are far more important issues to cover or that it does not make that much of a difference. Quite contrary, bathroom design plays an important role in the overall aesthetics and functionality of any household. Modern bathroom design brings numerous advantages, particularly if there are space constraints to be considered. However, in order to successfully implement it, several crucial notions need to be covered in detail. Let us present them and help you create a modern bathroom.

How To Create A Modern Bathroom

General Characteristics

Modern bathroom design is minimalistic and simplistic in its essence. Straight lines and geometric shapes dominate the space, making it appear larger, which proved to be very useful with small bathrooms. Less is more approach is used and functionality is equally important as aesthetics, resulting in a fact that modern designed bathrooms are both decluttered and well organized spaces. Color and material choice is of particular importance. The same goes for lighting, as well.


Modern bathroom color palette is above all neutral. It strongly resembles an industrial style where shades of grey, brown or tan fundamentally dominate. Since this type of color scheme tends to leave a sterile impression, accentuation with bold and bright colors is welcomed to provide a warmer ambient. The usual choices are red, green, yellow or blue. However, make sure you consult the color wheel, to avoid bad color matches that could ruin the color harmony instead of enhancing it.

How To Create A Modern Bathroom


Natural materials are the obligatory choice when it comes to modern bathroom design. Stainless steel, wood, glass, bronze, concrete, copper usually associated with modern design are enriched by bamboo, tile and slate if a cozier atmosphere is wanted. On the other hand, if masculine atmosphere and an industrial feel is the goal, it is not unusual that the plumbing is left uncovered, making it an important accentuating part of the overall design.


Lighting is another significant feature of the modern bathroom design. It is often a crucial factor in making all other elements prominent. Its style and appearance matters but the most important role it has is to provide sufficient luminosity, especially in case of small bathrooms since any dark corners additionally shrink the space. First of all, make the most of available natural light by using light curtains or none at all if possible. When artificial light solutions are concerned, blown glass and stainless steel sconces and especially track lighting are the best representatives of modern design.

How To Create A Modern Bathroom

Bathtubs and Shower Cabins

When bathtubs and shower cabins are in question, less is more approach becomes of major importance again. Clean, straight lines, flat edges and no ornaments and decorations are the major characteristics. In a way, you can see them as bathroom sculptures or center pieces. Without excuse, they are made in proper geometrical shapes such as cubes, ovals and rectangles. Bathtubs are dominantly freestanding, with concrete and acrylic materials very often used. On the other hand, glass is the favored material for shower cabins and the most featured type are walk in ones with floor to ceiling tiling.

Faucets and Accessories

Although simplistic in looks, following the above mentioned minimalistic straight line design, the latest technological achievements are more than welcomed here. Multiple shower heads, built in tub led lighting, intelligent, water saving and remotely controlled faucets and frameless, unusually shaped mirrors that enhance the space are just some of the most prominent modern design elements.

How To Create A Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom design, with its elegant and minimalistic but highly aesthetic appearance and technologically advanced features is suitable for all types of bathrooms, big or small, flat or house located. Make the best use of it and create a unique looking bathroom yourself.