Spend A Gala Time With Great Food and Cakes On Eid

Spend A Gala Time With Great Food and Cakes On Eid

Eid is the final day of the long fasting month of Ramadan. The Islamic people all over the world celebrate this day with much fanfare. Those who work outside their home, come back to home to celebrate this day with their family and friends. So, a congregation of people all over the home is quite obvious. The more the number of people, the more would be the food and desserts. When you can take all the pain and pleasure to cook the best food ever, the eid cakes can be ordered from outside. Any festival of the world is supplemented by great food and dessert. And each of these festival has a distinct food associated with it. But this item called cake has crept into all festivals and that is really a relief because you don’t always have to go to your kitchen and prepare the dessert.

Eid Main Course Meal

While talking about eid celebration the most common food in UAE is Ouzi. Locally it is prepared with goat or sheep meat but sometimes met of camel or cow is also preferred. The spices and herbs used to prepare an ouzi vary from people to people and most of the times people tend to keep this a secret. Some people prepare this ouzi in charcoal by wrapping the meat in palm leaves with all the spices. They let it cook at its own pace and the resultant is an unforgettable non-vegetarian dish.

Chicken muchboos is another famous food item prepared in eid in UAE. Chicken thighs are preferred for this dis and it is prepared with tomato, onion, garlic, coriander, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, ginger, and dried lemons.

Kingfish Biriyani is another delightful eid food offering in the UAE region. It is prepared much like the Indian way but the spices used here are lighter.

Eid Desserts and Eid Cakes

Now, while remembering of the eid desserts, how can one forget the tempting Kunafa? This looks much like a cake. It is the best eid cake that you can make all by yourself by putting in twisted and ragged wheat along with nuts, raisins, cream, and cheese. This form of pastry is from Nablus, Western Palestine. You would be delighted to know that in 2009 eid, a Palestinian confectionary entered the Guiness Bok of World Records by making a 1765 kg of Kunafa.

Luqaimat is another wonderful dessert item. These round balls are crunchy from outside and fluffly and airy from inside. They are dipped in honey or sugar or any flavored syrup for serving.

Basboussa is the best type of local eid cake among all the mentioned cakes. Generally it’s an Oriental dish that is made with cooked semolina and dipped in sugar syrup. You can innovate this dish by including lemon, orange, coconut, or even chocolate flavor in it. Cut them into small pieces and serve the semolina eid cake with a roasted nut in the middle.