Once there’s a Traffic Jam should you Stop the Engine?

I think it is not necessary, though it depends on the duration of the traffic jams. If it is just a short traffic jam, you don’t need to stop your engine. On one hand, many cars are ahead and it will increases your driving procedure and cause the behind car wait and urged. On the other hand, it will not save the petrol if the traffic jam is less than 1 minutes. So if the traffic jam continue more than 1 minutes you should stop the engine.

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How can you Relax when a Traffic Jam happens?

Once you face a traffic jam the most important thing is adjust your mood. First you must not leave your car alone. Some people may think that more out than sit inside, of cause it is not real. But does not rule out someone who are very grumpy, it is not good for you and your car. So you must relax yourself and calm down for a while, you can talk to your passengers or open the car’s sunroof and windows to shift your attentions. If you are driving a campervan like campervan hire brisbane I picked up from Brisbane before, more space for you to do a little exercise like stretch your arms, back, legs, and neck. Also turn on the radio and music enjoy the show.

For Traffic Jam, what to prepare for?

Prepare some food or snacks on your vehicle, like Chocolate, Candy, Beef jerky, milk and water. But bear in mind these things must be easy for open and clean, it will cause interior environment pollution if you eat some greasy foods. Moreover, put some mags and CDs in where you can easily reach them. This is just for long time waiting, it’s not a good idea that listen the radio and music more than 30 minutes because of the limit of the circuit when the engine stop.

This article is written by Jack Wei,please contact him on : [email protected]