A Daunting Decision

Buying into a new investment is a mind-boggling decision. There are a thousand things you want to go over again and again from make & model, mileage, color choices, sturdiness, stylishness and many more. Thus when you decide to buy a new car, it can be an intimidating experience. Many times when you head on to showrooms or auto dealers, you also experience incessant pushing towards an “attractive” deal which may not seem all that attractive to you, but nagging and professional sales techniques play a huge role in clouding your judgment.

Hence considering all of these factors, you must be well informed and well aware of some important features a good car must have. For many of the automobile fanatics out there, a vast difference exists between a good car and the best one so let’s have a look at what features set the two apart.

Top Ten Attractive Features

Whenever you see new vehicles displayed in a showroom, chances are that you’ll like each one of them. Some buyers are even set out to believe the more expensive the car, the more its durability. This isn’t always the case though because nowadays technology has evolved so rapidly that previously what features were considered exclusive to specifically luxury cars are now expected to be present in almost every vehicle be it air conditioning or a music system. Some differentiating features include the following:

  1. Technological Advances:
    Most of the times people look for a new car to upgrade their past status. Given how bleak the world feels without technology, having standard features such as Bluetooth and USB, according to an article by Little Gate Publishing, is necessary. These allow you to stream music from your personal phones and connect it to the cars sound system allowing you to answer calls safely as well.
  2. Safety Features:
    Almost all of the new cars these days have a 5-star ranking system that differs from country to country. Some crash test rating authorities are stricter than the rest so always be on a lookout for the best ratings regarding safety features such as airbags in the front and back both.
  3. Navigation:
    A navigation system is now a necessity in new vehicle systems. Be sure your choice of car has the latest and upgraded model of the navigation system with a touchscreen. A few dealerships also provide free upgrades up to a certain period as part of aftersales services.
  4. Sensor Key:
    Where at one time this feature was specific to highly surging prices of $200,000 plus limousines, it is now even available in $25,000 hatchbacks. Stylish on the outside and hassle-free, a sensor also known as a proximity key will unlock the car door at the touch of a handle or simply by pressing a button. So why not be part of the trend if you can afford it?
  5. Seatbelt warning Signs:
    While almost all cars these days have a seatbelt warning light, most of these are only available for the driver’s seat. If you have a family with you, it never hurts to be safe. Try to look for a car which has warning lights for individual car seats including the back.
  6. Spare tire:
    Though a quite common feature in the past days, many people think they look dumb if they ask if a spare tire is present in the cars’ boot or not. Ask now and save yourself the hassle of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no spare. Dealers are not obliged to mention this detail to you, but the more ethical ones do so make sure you go prepared with your list of important questions just in case the seller misses out on something.
  7. Warranties:
    The five-year warranty plan was first introduced by the South Korean brand Hyundai to cater to quality issues in 1999. Now it has become a must-have feature for brands to offer factory-backed warranties. Till date according to a blog, Renault is the only European brand to offer a five-year kilometer coverage on only a few selected car models. But what you need to watch out for are extended after-sale warranties. These are different and more costly as they are not endorsed by the car manufacturers rather the car dealers.
  8. Transmission:
    While physical properties like the ones discussed above are important, there are fun elements to a cars drive as well such as your preferred transmission option. Some of the newer models also come with a semi-automatic transmission. So choose what you think will be a pleasant driving experience for you.
  9. Depreciation:
    Make sure you know how much your choice of car will depreciate over time. While some cars maintain their resale value for many years, others depreciate rapidly making you lose money making it impossible for you to get a down-payment for a new vehicle in the future.
  10. Add-on Services:
    These services are like the cherry on top of an appealing offer. Many consumers lose on availing free services because they shy away from asking these questions. Some dealers may offer you longer after sales services for free while others try to boost up their sales by adding additional services such as a rebate on car insurance premiums.

 If one ever hesitates in making a final decision, they should always wonder if people will buy my car if it were in the present condition and they will automatically find an answer. Just do a detailed analysis of these features you need to look for in a car, and you won’t need any second opinions. Once you are satisfied, take it out for a test run to see if it is really the one