The Silver Surfer is an awesome desktop vaporizer made by an organization got seventh Floor out of Colorado. Seventh Floor likewise makes the Life Saber and Da Buddha vapes, and the SSV is a somewhat more improved adaptation.

This is a superb unit that performs exceptionally well. It’s exceptionally strong (beside the glass) and it does accompany a decent guarantee (3 years on electrical parts).

Silver Surfer: Awesome Desktop Vaporizer


The fundamental advantage of this dry herb vaporizer as I would see it is the vapor quality, on the grounds that once you dial in the best warmth setting you can expect decent strong vapor that additionally has an average taste. The SSV uses an earthenware warming component and glass parts which help give a pleasant clean flavor from your herbs, which make it the best vaporizer.

Due to the glass parts and silicone whip you do need to clean this vape semi-frequently to keep it looking like new, however it’s really simple to do this with some rubbing liquor.

This vape is fabricated superior to a vape like the Extreme-Q, yet a vape like the Plenty gets a somewhat higher rating on the grounds that it’s a little less demanding to utilize, creates much stronger vapor, and stays cleaner.

More about Silver Surfer

Right now, the Silver Surfer, so hopefully you’re mindful, feels like a higher quality unit and a sturdier unit than say the Extreme Q. Presently, in the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, this is a home unit; this is a home vape. It’s got a huge long line. You connect it to, you pick a spot for it and afterward you abandon it there. When you are really vaping, the part that you will be utilizing is the whip or the wand. Will discuss more about the wand in a moment, however first it is needed to specify that the temperature run on the SSV is better than average; implying that the vape lives up to expectations truly well in an extensive variety of temperatures. Presently, this isn’t a vape however that has genuine heat settings. This is the type of vape where it is kind of only a warmer with a handle that will change the force of the warmth. So what you should do, when you first get it, is trial all alone and makes sense of when on the dial you’re most agreeable with the vapor that is being created.