Organic SEO strategy is about increasing our search results through proper optimization technique and this could allow us to boost of traffic. However, we should always try to stay within Google’s well-known guidelines. Anything we do shouldn’t break Google’s rules and we should take into account proper usages of keywords. It is important for us to regularly check the number of links to our website and we should be aware about the importance of the links. We should focus on trying to get the best links and they should be naturally created by people who have genuine interest in our content. Creating natural links don’t have to be a slow and difficult process. We could do this by creating unbelievably impressive content and this could be achieved if we write things that we have real interest. It takes some effort and time to produce good quality websites and things can be quite challenging in a highly competitive market, such as finance and insurance. However, if we have expertise in these areas, we could get genuine inbound links in a shorter period of time.

However, there are times when we need to undergo a long, hard slog to ensure that our website could reach a high rank in Google’s search result. Even if we have incredible content about insurance and loan, it could still take some time to get it recognized. There are many millions of results for these hyper-competitive keywords and some amount of perseverance will be needed. Google’s spiders are getting better crawling through code and Flash animations. It means that we should try to achieve more relevant results by focusing on content, instead of backlinks.

Google strictly prohibits many SEO techniques that are considered as normal among professionals. They could regularly clamp down on these efforts, resulting in significant changes in search engine ranks. However, we could see that websites that prioritize on good content could continue to thrive. Many online businesses want to participate in a highly competitive industry and because it is difficult for them to reach a top ranking, they could start by focusing on one or two smaller niches in their industry. After dominating these niches, they could start to become recognized in the industry and their overall ranks could increase as a result.

If we want to get involved in a highly competitive industry, it is important for us to prepare a long-term punishment of being trapped in obscurity. We could survive this temporary torment by creatively looking for specific unaddressed demands in our industry. It means that we could offer modified products and services that cater to their needs. This is an acceptable method of doing business and we should be able to gain sizable revenue without breaking Google’s rules. Highly competitive industry shouldn’t be seen as an unfair playing field, there are still plenty of opportunities if we look at it closely enough. As an example, we could ask consumers and find out about things that they can’t get from major players in the market.