During training session, it is important to be aware that female athletes are different than male athletes. They need to perform different training methods compared to men. It is not really related to the fact that women weaker, but it is more about the difference in joint structure, muscle strength and overall stature. Women have unique biological make up and overall anatomy structure. In some cases, it is not appropriate to ask women to perform the conditioning program that is also performed by men. Coaches and female athletes should educate themselves on the proper training programs.

Overall, women don’t have to perform strength training that is as intense as men. However, women still need to perform enough conditioning and strength training to improve their overall conditions. They could perform various techniques that are advised by their trainers. They could use various tools, such as tubing bands, dumbbells and airball. We should make sure that we have proper training aids. It is important for us to make sure that great workout can be performed for the athlete. Coaches need to develop the proper conditioning and strength program for female athletes.

Young female athletes should start out properly. They need to focus on the proper sports balance, strength and movement. In general, it is important for them to know how to move efficiently within their sports. They need to work on their fundamental and basic movement skills. They need to learn how to proper stop and start, as well as twist and turn. As an example, women tennis players should learn how to take many small steps and move properly in specific directions. They need to have the proper stance and they should be able to ready to move. Agility drills will also need to be performed.

During younger age, it is also important for girls to properly learn how land and jump properly, so they are able to prevent unnecessary injuries. Female athletes could be affected by ACL or anterior cruciate ligament; a type of knee injury. This could happen if they have hard landings and this could cause increased stress on their knees. Female athletes need to run properly. They should have the proper form and foot strike technique. This will ensure an efficient and smooth motion. In general, we should try to avoid injuries to our ankle, foot, back, hip and knee. It is important for female athletes to focus on their core strength.

It is important for female athletes to wear the proper type of shoes. In general, women tend to be more flat-footed than men. In this case, they should have the proper shoes to address this particular issue. Female athletes should already have proper conditioning and strength program before junior high. This is will allow them to be more successful in sports during adulthood. During high school, female athletes should already perform well in many respects. Weaker parts of the women body should already be fully trained, so they could perform sports matches properly.