Secret Recipe to Create a Successful eCommerce Site Online businesses are the wave of the future. Soon everything will be conducted virtually leaving shipping as the real physical contact you will ever need between merchant and buyer. More and more online shops spring up everyday. They are much easier to set up now than they were before. This is mainly thanks to simple ‘do-it-yourself’ programs that take only a few minutes and a few steps to accomplish. But just because owning an online shop is easy and potentially very lucrative doesn’t mean that everybody is successful at it. There are those people who do almost everything right and yet see no traffic or clients at all. This is because there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to ensure your online business/shop is a success. To know more about business visit

Secret Recipe To Create A Successful E commerce Site

Here is the Secret Recipe to Create a Successful eCommerce Site.

  1. Top notch design

This has to be your number one priority when it comes to establishing an online shop. The eCommerce site has to be professionally done. This includes outstanding aesthetics and employing popular as well as trending design concepts. Research shows that 42% of all online shoppers take into great consideration the overall website design when trying to form an opinion about your online store. If your website is not beautiful and professionally done, 52% of all visitors may not return. This means that the overall design in itself is highly important to the success rate of your site.

  1. Easy to use

Navigation is one of the most engaging aspects of an online store. If your store is cumbersome to navigate or is very confusing, clients will without any doubt find another store. The whole idea behind online shopping is the ease, convenience and comfort of it all. No one is going to spend an hour trying to find a specific product within your eCommerce site. Make sure that your product categories are clearly marked and that the products are easy to find. This brings us to the next point.

  1. Payment options

Online payment involves a lot of security issues for many people. You do not want to make your payment options difficult to deal with. Having to give out very sensitive banking information already has your customers on the edge, making this process bothersome as well will only turn them away. Make sure that your payment options are:
– The most popular ones – Available and supported by many regions- Does not ask for more information than necessary- Riddled with security certificates, this makes people feel at ease- Have a clear call to action- Does not redirect people to unsafe looking pages- Has your brand and logo within the checkout page

  1. Product images and description

You have to make sure that you have great images of what it is your store is selling. This is the very first interaction your clients are going to have with the product. They need to be able to imagine themselves using it. This can be successfully done by displaying high quality images of the products as well as an excellently written and very informative product description copy.
Your product description copy should be: – Short and precise- Clearly written using simple words- Focused on the benefits

  1. Loading speeds

Again, it is all about convenience. People will not wait for a page that takes two minutes to load. Research has shown that one in every four people will click off of a page that takes longer than four seconds to load. There is a 7% reduction in conversion rate for pages that have a one second delay in response. It is a microwave society. People want their services instantly. This means a slowing down in your website’s loading speed will negatively impact your conversion rate.

  1. Great customer service

You will need this, for one reason or the other. An online store involves providing a service or selling products to people. There will always be questions to be answered, concerns to be laid to rest and follow-ups to be done. Your customer service quality will be the key to your brand’s popularity as well as client retention abilities. Social media has made it so no bad deed goes without unearthing. People need to hear only good things from your clients or at the very least that your brand was helpful when it came to resolving client-merchant issues.

This is the Secret Recipe to Create a Successful eCommerce Site. Once you have accomplished all this, extensive marketing and proper SEO should bring you the traffic. These tips should help you retain it.