Pallet shipping is an affordable and safe way to transport your goods. Pallets will keep your items upright and tight. You can ship almost anything on them. Here is a list of five things you may not know about the most secure way to ship your valuables.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pallet Shipping


Nearly anything can be shipped on a pallet from personal paraphernalia to your ecommerce goods. Ship a washing machine or ship your grandfather’s collection of model planes. If it’s on a pallet you’ll get it there safely. What makes pallets especially versatile are the available sizes. Pallets come in a number of lengths which can cater to your shipping requirements. For a thorough guide to pallet sizes check out this blog article on National Pallet’s website.


Stack your items on the pallet and you’re good to go, right? Not quite. You wouldn’t want your goods to slide off your pallet and get mixed up with someone else’s order. So while your client ordered 100 porcelain baby dolls they may receive a chair and terrifying porcelain head. Proper wrapping is essential to pallet shipping. You can use special straps, called ratchet straps made of durable synthetic fibers to keep your items where they belong. Shrink wrap plastic film is another great tool to keep your pallet items tightly sealed.


Shipping with pallets is very economical. National Pallets for instance lists prices paid for shipments sent throughout the UK and Europe on their website. Scroll down for details. Delivery services offer your business a very viable solution for long-term profitability through smart budgeting.

How to Stack

Pallets are the sturdy bases to well packed goods when stacked right. Make sure to stack your heaviest and largest items bottom first. A top-heavy load can end in disaster for you and you client. Often times the driver can advise you on stacking right and tight.

Where to find Pallets

If you don’t know where to obtain pallets, fear not, delivery services can help ease your concerns. For a surcharge a pallet can be provided to you. National Pallets will send a pallet with the driver for a small fee of £12.50 + VAT.

Delivering your goods via pallets is a smart, budget friendly solution for your shipping needs. Get in the know-how by reading up on requisites and costs. Ship right and your pound will travel farther.