Rugs, the costly belongings of our household are a matter of great pride and pleasure. They not only add beauty to our house but also facilitate comfort and goodness. Those having beautiful pieces of rugs need to maintain them in intact manners by carrying out rug repairs if needed.

Rugs and Their Related Features

Following major aspects of rugs need to be kept in mind:

  • A good rug can be recognized with the particularity that it bears the same design on the back as well on the front too. Rugs made from wool are quite durable. They are sustainable and indestructible. Those woven with the workers’ hands are quite good because the persons that have woven them have put in their soul into them.
  • The common mistake a house owner commits is putting a plant on the rug. It leaves a circle drop out on the rug. The pad prevents the air to circulate. A wool rug may feel dry but the moisture does penetrate into the bottom. Necessary rug repairs are needed in such conditions by mildewing and then drying rot.
  • Wool rugs may be swept with the help of carpet sweepers. Using a canister vacuum by setting the beater bar at high for less abrasion is good. Vacuuming from side to side is good instead of doing the same end–to-end to avoid grabbing the fringe. Taking the rug outside and vacuuming the back to get embedded dirt out is good as the latter may cause damage to the fiber. The top must be vacuumed once again.
  • Tufted rugs are denoted by burlap material or canvas on their backs. Usually made in China and India; these rugs may use lot of bad latex and glue. Looking like pile rugs they may last for a maximum of ten years or so but the woven wool rugs may last for centuries even.
  • The fringe of the rug starts looking bad even if the rug does not look dirty. But it gets duller. Dust, especially silica sinks down.
  • Buying good quality rugs also needs a lot of care. One must make a thorough search by seeking help from friends or relatives. Newspapers, yellow pages or internet may also be quite useful. Asking quotes from few vendors or manufacturers is wise. Purchasing good rugs at genuine rates is advised. No compromise should ever be made with the worth of a rug. Paying some extra dollars is better than bringing home substandard pieces.
  • A professional person may be hired to clean the wall-to-wall rug in even manners. The in-home carpet cleaner may do the task in good manners. He or she is the person that knows his or her task and performs the same in professional ways. The hirer is fully satisfied with his or her services.

Maintaining the costly rugs in intact manners is good. Care must be taken not to damage the originality of the rugs while cleaning them. Good quality material or detergents must be used for clearing the spots or other signs of dirt.