India is a land of extreme climates. When it is winter, you freeze. When it is rainy season, you start swimming on roads. But the toughest of all is the killing summer. In this scorching heat of summer of India, when the sun literally sucks all your fluids, an air conditioner does not remain a luxury anymore. It becomes a necessity. In the month of may, June and july, whole of India feels like it’s burning like hell. In such a situation, how could you see your beloved wife cooking food in even hotter kitchen and then crying of heat? How could you see your kiddos writhing in pain of over heated summer? How could you see your old parents unable to sleep peacefully due to this heat of this smoldering summer? Hence an air conditioner becomes a need, to sustain, to survive and to live a healthy life in this ugly burning summer. However we do understand that buying an air conditioner is a kind of too much of a task for a middle class common man due to its high cost as well as high power consumption. It incurs a big hole in his pocket disturbing the whole balance of his budget.

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