There is a large portion population all across the world that has been suffering from lower back pain. This can be a very painful and suffering experience as it limits all your activities and makes your day to day life very difficult. You cannot walk straight. It is hard to sit for some time. You cannot lift weight and there are many other problems that are faced due to back pain. There are many different ways to relieving lower back pain. You can go for conventional treatment as well as holistic approach as well for getting best relief from the fierce pain.

The treatment mainly depends on the main cause of the pain. This is essential to find the best spine doctors in India so that he could have a through diagnosis of the problem faced by you so that the root cause of the problem could be determined and eradicated using right course of treatment. Here are some of the treatments that can help you in getting rid of lower back pain.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain?

Rest Less

According to studies, if you rest a lot then you are more likely to experience lower back pain. You need to limit your bed time and increase your mobility. Increasing mobility will increase the flexibility of the muscles and there will be lesser chances to get them stiff. If you have temporary lower back pain, then you should not take bed rest for more than three days.


Exercising not only helps in keeping your weight in control but also helps you in ensuring that your muscles are flexible and strong enough to bear the day to day stress levied on them. You don’t have to go for more rigorous exercises. Simple walking can be very good for your lower back. Also, if you have back pain, then you should not go for heavy weight lifting as it can worsen the condition.

Good Posture

When you are working for long hours in front of your computer, it is essential that you maintain a good posture so that you do not strain your spine. Sitting for long time with a bad posture can be very harmful for your spine. Additionally, when you are working out, then also you need to do it in the right position so that you don’t injure your muscles unnecessarily.

Apply Ice and heat

If you have severe pain in your back then it would be best, to apply Ice and heat on the affected area. This will relax the muscles and help in decreasing the inflammation. Take an ice pack and put it on the back for better results. If you feel more stiffness, then you can also apply heat to relieve the stiffness in the muscles.

Find a specialist

If the pain does not subside with these remedies, then you should see a specialist. The problem with your spine might be severe and might require a surgery. If you are going for the surgery, then make sure that you find the best spine surgeon in India for best results.

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